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Race to stupidity in the House

by @ 8:44 on November 17, 2006. Filed under Politics - National.

I missed blogging on the spectacular failure of Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi to promote her friend John Murtha to House Majority Leader. Quick comment on that; guess the ‘Rats don’t think the election was about either the war in Iraq or about Foleygate because we will have when the next Congress is seated House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. I wonder how those who abandoned the Pubbies feel about a guy who stood up for one Gerry Studds, who, unlike Mark Foley, actually boinked his underaged target page.

Over on the Pubbie side of the House, Michelle Malkin reports that it’s porksters John Boehner and Mel Blunt. Why, oh why couldn’t they have taken a lesson from the Wisconsin Assembly Pubbies, who didn’t make a left-hand turn in shaking up their leadership?

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