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Mike Nichols injects a bit of reality into Florida North

by @ 16:42 on November 20, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

I never thought I’d say that phrase, but he does inject a bit in his column in this morning’s paper titled “Falk has one more foe to face: Reality”. Selected newsworthy quotes:

“My position is if the numbers come within three or four thousand on the official canvass, I will ask for a recount,” Voight said Sunday. “I will be going to Madison tomorrow and making a decision to either concede or not concede.”

The choice would seem obvious. When the State Elections Board offices closed at the end of the day Friday, all but six Wisconsin counties had submitted canvassed totals, and it appeared he might narrow the gap slightly but still lose by some 6,000 votes.

Falk, for her part, has already lost. About 2.1 million Wisconsinites voted in her race against Republican J.B. Van Hollen and, according to uncanvassed totals, she lost by 9,071 votes. The only large county that hasn’t submitted canvassed numbers is Winnebago and, no matter how long she holds out, things are unlikely to move far in her direction there.

By the time the last six counties submit their canvassed totals, she’ll likely end up even shorter of victory than she already is.

We’re still waiting, Kathleen.

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