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Sick-as-a-dog Wednesday quick-hitters

by @ 20:26 on October 18, 2006. Filed under Politics - National, Politics - Wisconsin, Sports.

Just been out of it the last couple days with an ugly cold. Oh well; time to catch up:

  • The obvious one from Owen: the state Senate ‘Rats went and left some “interesting” campaign documents, including multiple pieces of evidence of coordination with 3rd-party groups that, by law must not be coordinated with, in a Capitol building copy room, itself a felony that several Legislators served time for in the past year. Need I mention that the state Senate ‘Rats are led by the Madistan branch, currently headed by Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) and formerly headed by one of those who served time Upchuck Chvala (Convict-Madistan)? Owen seems to think that the Senate ‘Rat Caucus has resurfaced under a different name, another thing that brought down Chvala, former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen (Convict-Brookfield or Waupun) and others.
  • Koren Robinson’s 1-year suspension for a second violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy has been upheld. A quick review of Robinson’s history with suspensions, alcohol, the NFL substance-abuse program and the law (older material culled from The Seattle Times and KOMO-TV in Seattle):
    • Arrested in North Carolina in April 1998 on suspicion of “kidnapping a person under the age of 16 years, by unlawfully confining for the purpose of committing a felony, first-degree sex offense.” Was charged by police of attempted 1st-degree sexual assault, 1st-degree kidnapping and discharge of a firearm in the city (dunno what city), but all charges were dropped when the victim disappeared and clammed up.
    • In March 2002, was pulled over in North Carolina for doing 30 over the speed limit. Despite a BAC of .16 (from the police report), was only charged with exceeding safe speed.
    • Arrested outside a Raleigh, NC bar in February 2003 for failure to disperse. Charges later dropped.
    • Arrested in March 2003 in Raleigh, NC for carrying a concealed weapon (charges also dropped).
    • Suspended 1 game in 2003 by Seattle for missing a team meeting.
    • Suspended 2 games in 2004 by Seatlle for violating undisclosed team rules (unrelated to the NFL suspension), which sandwiched the 4-game NFL suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. Entered a rehab program after the 2004 season.
    • Arrested for DUI in Kirkland, WA March 2005 (with a BAC of .191). Received a 1-year jail term with 364 days suspended, 24 months of probation (one of the terms was that he remain sober), and a $2,000 fine July 2005. Showed up to jail with alcohol on his breath and got an extra day for his trouble. More on this item in a bit.
    • Arrested for DUI and fleeing police in St. Peter, MN August 2006 (.11 BAC). Pled not guilty to those charges October 2006.
    • Suspended by the NFL for a second violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy September 18, 2006, had been under appeal until the appeal was rejected yesterday.
    • Going back to Kirkland, picked up a 90-day jail term for violating terms of his probation in Minnesota October 2006 (was to be served after the season, but since he’s now free to serve without missing any games because of being in jail, he may as well get it out of the way).

    I honestly don’t know who’s dumber; Wile E. Thompson knowing that Robinson would be suspended for a year when he picked him up September 12, or Brett Favre for sticking up for Robinson. Earth to Favre; Robinson has been nothing but trouble since college.

  • Speaking of the Packers, their game in Miami Sunday is one of 7 that some whacko decided to threaten with a radiological bomb attack. I have to question the wisdom of hitting a Packers/Deadfins game; there won’t be many people there. Of course, there was the “lone nut” Islamokazi who blew himself up outside of an Oklahoma Sooners game last year.
  • Ian at Hot Air takes apart Sen. John McShame’s (RINO-Media) quote from Reuters that he would commit suicide if the ‘Rats take the Senate. I don’t think he was joking because that would take away all of his power and platform. He really would like it at 50-50 so he can sell his allegiance to the highest bidder, but he’d have to get in line behind Leapin’ Linc Chafee (who WILL bolt if the Pubbie majority falls to 51) and a few other RINOs.

Durn “global warming”; that 10 consecutive below-average days that it caused has me hunting for the chicken noodle soup.

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