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Packer-less Week 6 (Redemption Part 3)

by @ 9:57 on October 15, 2006. Filed under Sports.

We just found out how bad odd weeks are. Let’s forget that and recall the good times on even weeks, as this is one of those. It will be a bit harder to gamble online this weekend, because there’s a fresh new law prohibiting your bank from making money transfers with offshore gaming havens (“thanks”, Bill “Cave Jr” Frist, for squeezing that into the port security bill; we’ll remember in ’08 when you try to run for President), but once again, the lines come to us from –

Buffalo @ Detroit (+2) – You may like the points, you may want the points, you will get the points from a reputable bookie, but you’re not gonna need them. The Bills are making un-fixable mistakes.
Cincinnati (-5.5) @ Tampa Bay – I know the record of teams coming off the bye with a loss going into it isn’t good, but Duh Bucs are worse.
Tennessee @ Washington (-11) – I know what happened last weekend. The Tennesseeans don’t have the passing skills to pull it off 2 weeks in a row.
Houston (+13.5) @ Dallas – This has most of the makings of a shootout. Take the over-44.
Seattle @ St Louis (+3) – The Seahags are not a road team, and are even less of a team without Shaun Alexander and Bobby Engram.
NY Giants @ Atlanta (-3) – Home Sweet Dome.
Philadelphia (-3.5) @ New Orleans – The Saints cannot stop the pass.
Carolina (+3) @ Baltimore – Steve Smith will finally break out in this otherwise-defensive struggle.
Miami (+3) @ NY Jets – I’m going with my fallback position here.
San Diego (-10) @ San Francisco – No contest. Give some cracktion to your man for extra cash (I figure giving him 20 and the Whiners should be safe).
Kansas City (+7) @ Pittsburgh – Too many points to give, especially with the Chefs defense. Go under-37.
Oakland @ Denver (-14.5) – For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you’re giving so few points to take the ponies. NBC is wondering when they can start raiding games from Fox and CBS.
Chicago (-11.5) @ Arizona – Do the math … One killer defense + rookie quarterback = massacre

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