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Lead Pipe Cinch Weekend

by @ 9:44 on October 22, 2006. Filed under Sports.

Displaced ched head has one lead pipe cinch already up. Let’s see if I can’t mine a few more –

Green Bay (+5) @ Miami – The most-notable news of the week has been the upholding and ensuing beginning of Koren Robinson’s 1-year suspension and the signing of Rick Mexico (Marcus Vick) by Duh Deadfins
Detroit (+4) @ NY Jets – This game-of-the-weak isn’t a lead-pipe cinch either. On one side, you have a team that hasn’t won consecutive home games since December 2004 (they won at home last week). On the other, you have a team with a 5-38 road record since the 2001 season began.
San Diego (-6) @ Kansas City – Take the short six and have LT whack your man in the knees with this lead pipe.
Jacksonville (-10) @ Houston – The game is currently off the board because of Byron Leftwich’s ankle (questionable). No matter; the Texans have no defense.
New England (-6.5) @ Buffalo – What ched said.
Pittsburgh (-3) @ Atlanta – Which Stiller team will show up this week?
Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Tampa Bay – Sooner or later, the NFL season will catch up with the rookies. For Gradowski, it’s this week.
Carolina (+3.5) @ Cincinnati – Mistake #3 in the line this week. What should be on the mirrors in the BenGALS’ locker room – Sucktitude is closer than it appears.
Denver (-5.5) @ Cleveland – Go under the 32.5 as Denver keeps its allow-a-TD-or-less streak alive.
Washington @ Indianapolis (-9) – Take the over-48 in this one-sided track meet.
Minnesota (+7) @ Seattle – If we tell you the name of the game, boy, we call it riding the defense train.
Arizona (-3) @ Oakland – How do you spell relief? R-A-I-D-E-R-S
NY Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas – Over/under on chants to bench Bedsore – 3:30 left in the first half.

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