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October 29, 2006

And another one flees Blogger

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Kate has moved An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings to WordPress –

Please update your feed readers and blogrolls accordingly.

Week 8 – the fight back to respectability

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Revisions/extensions (9:33 am 10/29/2006) – Somehow forgot the G-men line and the Jets/NewBrowns game. Also, Blogger’s fragging up again, so this may or may not show up at TheWisconsinSportsBar.

It’s been an ugly 7 weeks as I fell 7 games under .500. I was just softening up the man for the 13-week explosion starting now….

Arizona @ Green Bay (-4) – The Drive to #1 gets the fork stuck in it this weekend. Duh Deadbirds have not won in Wisconsin since before they left Chitcago.
San Francisco @ Chicago (-16) – Duh Bears thrive on turnovers. Duh Whiners give them very freely. Stay under the 42.
Houston @ Tennessee (-3) – The Texans had their Super Bowl last week. It’s time for the inevitable letdown, so break out the lead pipe cinch.
Jacksonville @ Philadelphia (-7.5) – The Jags got exposed last week.
Atlanta @ Cincinnati (-3.5) – This is starting to get to be a trend.
Tampa Bay @ NY Giants (-9) – It IS your friend.
Seattle (+6.5) @ Kansas City – This will be a game of field-goals, as there won’t be a starting QB, just 1/8th-backs. Note; this game is currently off the board at
Baltimore @ New Orleans (-2) – LPC #2 – Vegas should have stuck a 1 in front of this line.
St Louis (+9) @ San Diego – Why is this line at 9 when no Lamb game has been decided by 9 or more?
Pittsburgh (-10) @ Oakland – Layeth the lumber, as the Stillers won’t need an Immaculate Reception to crush Duh Raiders. Bonus play – go over the 38.5 as the Stillers will do that by themselves.
Indianapolis (+2.5) @ Denver – Irresistable force moves immovable object.
Dallas @ Carolina (-6) – Who’s the 3rd-string in Big D? Expect Cowpoke fans to be asking for him by the end of the third quarter.
New England (-2.5) @ Minnesota – What’s more annoying; Joe Theesman or that horn at the Rollerdome?

Lucky 7th review

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I knew there was more than one lead pipe in the system; 7-6 still leaves me at 44-51-5 though:

Green Bay 34 (+5) @ Miami 24 – Look for the eternal optimists to point out incessantly that E. Michael McCan’thy has the same record in Miami that St. Vince does.
Detroit 24 (+4) @ NY Jets 31 – Who sucks more than the Jets? Duh Lions.
San Diego 27 (-6) @ Kansas City 30 – Ow, my knee!
Jacksonville 7 (-10) @ Houston 27 – Did they switch uniforms, or do we file this under “Any Given Sunday”?
New England 28 (-6.5) @ Buffalo 6 – Ched said this was the lead pipe cinch.
Pittsburgh 38 (-3) @ Atlanta 41 – Unfortunately, it was the Stiller team with no running game and a fragile Big Ben.
Philadelphia 21 (-6.5) @ Tampa Bay 23 – Nothing like a journeyman kicker drilling a 62-yarder to really ruin your day.
Carolina 14 (+3.5-WIN) @ Cincinnati 17 – Those half-points are real nice
Denver 17 (-5.5) @ Cleveland 7 – Hear me now and believe me later; that Pony defense is real.
Washington 22 @ Indianapolis 36 (-9) – Told you it was a 1-sided track meet.
Minnesota 31 (+7) @ Seattle 13 – Seneca Wallace is no quarterback.
Arizona 9 (-3) @ Oakland 22 – The St. Louis Cardinals could beat the Arizona Deadbirds…in football no less.
NY Giants 36 (+3.5) @ Dallas 22 – The chants started early, and the benching happened at the half. It didn’t help.

October 27, 2006

The dangers of an activist court and homosex “marriage”

Today’s Wall Street Journal (online version free today, October 27, 2006, only; I’m taking this from the print version) has an excellent editorial on New Jersey’s Supreme Court ruling that every benefit of marriage be extended to homosexual couples. Let’s take a look at the first paragraph:

This week’s New Jersey Supreme Court’s judicial diktat on same-sex-somethings (name to be determined later) is a remarkable arrogation of power by the judiciary. The court’s belief that it is empowered to embark on social experimentation in the field of marriage is embodied in the words — “We have decided that our State Constitution guarantees that every statutory right and benefit conferred to heterosexual couples through civil marriage must be made available to committed same-sex couples . . .” (our emphasis).

Note the phrase emphasized by the WSJ, “We have decided”. What, exactly, did the Lawgivers-In-Black decide? It decided that New Jersey’s legislature didn’t go nearly far enough in 2004 when it passed a law recognizing “domestic partnerships”. Indeed, it used the existance of that law to justify ordering the legislature to act as a further “great engine of social change”.

What else did the Lawgivers-In-Black decide? It decided that “or status as same-sex partners” be added to the interpretation of Article I, Paragraph 5 of the New Jersey Constitution, which reads, “No person shall be denied the enjoyment of any civil or military right, nor be discriminated against in the exercise of any civil or military right, nor be segregated in the militia or in the public schools, because of religious principles, race, color, ancestry or national origin.” Do note that they did NOT find a “fundamental right” to homosex “marriage” (though 3 of them did try to find just such a “right” in the “unenumerated rights” paragraph). Funny thing is, the phrases “same-sex” and “sexual orientation” (or similar language) do not appear anywhere in the New Jersey Constitution (or the United States Constitution for that matter). The other funny thing is that nowhere in that Constitution is the judiciary given a role in rewritting the Constitution.

If the Defense of Marriage Amendment fails on November 7, this ruling, or one demanding an outright mandate of “homosex marriage”, on an already-pending lawsuit to grant homosex couples “marriage” rights is in Wisconsin’s immediate future. Vote “YES” on the Defense of Marriage Amendment on November 7 (or earlier if you are voting absentee).

October 26, 2006

RDW – One Wisconsin race to effectively end tonight – UPDATE – Doyle threatened WRA

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Stay tuned to RealDebateWisconsin for the details.

It will make Kurt Vlach’s banana hammock and the union takeover of the Racine ‘Rat party look like actions at a Sunday School picnic.

Revisions/extensions (6:25 pm 10/26/2006) – Fred has the story up. Cliff Notes version:

  • Jim Doyle (yes, THAT Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale)) personally threatened the Wisconsin Realtors Association with official state retaliation during his sales pitch to the WRA’s political board if they endorsed Mark Green for governor.
  • The WRA bravely thumbed their noses at Doyle, voting 35-2 to endorse Mark Green for governor.

Told you it would make Fred’s previous scoops look like Sunday School picnics.

October 25, 2006

If you…, you might be a “moderate”.

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Once again, I apologize for the lack of blogging. This chest cold just isn’t letting go. Oh well, let’s push on and define a Jentinel “moderate” in Jeff Foxworthy terms:

  • If every action you take shows that you think taxes aren’t high enough in Wisconsin, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think the only form of stem cell research worth funding is both the only form that has shown zero promise and the one that destroys life in the process, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If, after a lifetime opposing expansion of gambling, you all of a sudden think the state Constitution, as expressed by both the Legislature and the public, doesn’t apply to you because you have to pay off the $1 million that Indian gambling interests gave you, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If, a few short months after claiming that “Big Oil” would simply take additional profits if you sign a (failed) bill to eliminate Wisconsin’s minimum mark-up law on gasoline, you unilaterally exempt only those stations selling corn-a-hole because you need to shore up the MIlwaukee vote, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If your idea of health care reform includes leeching off of a country that itself is leeching off the American prescription-drug consumer, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think that a moderately-trained armed citizenry defending itself against an armed criminal element is inherently more dangerous than a defenseless citizenry at the not-so-tender mercies of said armed criminal element, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you oppose every effort to limit rampaging trial lawyers, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think forcing kids whose parents can’t afford to flee Milwaukee into a failing public schools is a good idea, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think that Festivus is a real holiday deserving of its own “tree”, and that “tree” is more real than a Christmas tree, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If building a new dorm for UWM is more important than delivering 800 jobs out in the Chippewa Valley, you might be a “moderate”.

October 24, 2006

Malkin – You say Democrat, I say…

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Michelle Malkin has a little word association game up, inspired by CNN’s navel-gazing. Let’s play…

You say, “Democrat,” I say, “Petulant cheese-eating surrender monkeys that won’t get the House and only get the Senate by hook and by crook.”

October 22, 2006

Lead Pipe Cinch Weekend

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Displaced ched head has one lead pipe cinch already up. Let’s see if I can’t mine a few more –

Green Bay (+5) @ Miami – The most-notable news of the week has been the upholding and ensuing beginning of Koren Robinson’s 1-year suspension and the signing of Rick Mexico (Marcus Vick) by Duh Deadfins
Detroit (+4) @ NY Jets – This game-of-the-weak isn’t a lead-pipe cinch either. On one side, you have a team that hasn’t won consecutive home games since December 2004 (they won at home last week). On the other, you have a team with a 5-38 road record since the 2001 season began.
San Diego (-6) @ Kansas City – Take the short six and have LT whack your man in the knees with this lead pipe.
Jacksonville (-10) @ Houston – The game is currently off the board because of Byron Leftwich’s ankle (questionable). No matter; the Texans have no defense.
New England (-6.5) @ Buffalo – What ched said.
Pittsburgh (-3) @ Atlanta – Which Stiller team will show up this week?
Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Tampa Bay – Sooner or later, the NFL season will catch up with the rookies. For Gradowski, it’s this week.
Carolina (+3.5) @ Cincinnati – Mistake #3 in the line this week. What should be on the mirrors in the BenGALS’ locker room – Sucktitude is closer than it appears.
Denver (-5.5) @ Cleveland – Go under the 32.5 as Denver keeps its allow-a-TD-or-less streak alive.
Washington @ Indianapolis (-9) – Take the over-48 in this one-sided track meet.
Minnesota (+7) @ Seattle – If we tell you the name of the game, boy, we call it riding the defense train.
Arizona (-3) @ Oakland – How do you spell relief? R-A-I-D-E-R-S
NY Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas – Over/under on chants to bench Bedsore – 3:30 left in the first half.

Weak 6 review

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Bad things come in 3s, as in 3-10 last week. That puts me 6-feet-under at 37-45-5.

Buffalo 17 @ Detroit 20 (+2) – Turnover, turnover, turnover.
Cincinnati 13 (-5.5) @ Tampa Bay 14 – I should’ve stuck with the loss-before-the-bye method
Tennessee 25 @ Washington 22 (-11) – They only needed the running skills.
Houston 6 (+13.5) @ Dallas 34 – Where, oh where, did the Texans’ offense go? Where, oh where could it be?
Seattle 30 @ St Louis 20 (+3) – Well, we know the Lambs aren’t real.
NY Giants 27 @ Atlanta 14 (-3) – Shockey set me up the bomb.
Philadelphia 24 (-3.5) @ New Orleans 27 – Are the Aints real? Sure looks like it.
Carolina 23 (+3) @ Baltimore 21 – Line for Steve Smith – 8 receptions, 189 yards, 1 touchdown Glad I picked something right.
Miami 17 (+3) @ NY Jets 20 – Lamar Alexander and the ‘Canes want a piece of this team. You’ll hear, “We want Lemon” about 12:30.
San Diego 48 (-10) @ San Francisco 19 – You could’ve given your man 28.5 and still made out like a bandit.
Kansas City 7 (+7) @ Pittsburgh 45 – Damn, but that defense melted.
Oakland 3 @ Denver 13 (-14.5-LOSS) – At least NBC is still wondering why they can’t raid a game every week.
Chicago 24 (-11.5-LOSS) @ Arizona 23 – They don’t teach math at USC, and Denny Green is the biggest choke artist this side of Buffalo.

October 19, 2006

Carnival of the Badger – TV edition is up

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Josh Shroeder did a bang-up job, but I don’t look much like Robin Leach.

October 18, 2006

Just a bit late Carnival reminder

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Josh Schroeder is hosting this week’s edition, and he’s actually giving you until 11:59 pm to get your entries in. If you’re reading this, have a Wisconsin blog, and haven’t submitted a post for the carnival, Git-R-Done and e-mail the details (link to the post, the title, and a quick description) to badgercarnival – at – gmail – dot – com , or use the submission form at either Blog Carnival or Conservative Cat.

You don’t want Josh to be hunting you down.

When is a 4.7% levy increase and a 7.5% spending increase not enough?

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When you’re the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District, which, despite those increases in the proposed budget, wants to bend over the taxpayers for a third referendum increase in a decade to replace the East Middle School in preparation for replacement of Meadowview Elementary and construction of a second high school (needs that were allegedly addressed in the previous 2 referrenda).

Remember, vote NO to the Oak Creek-Franklin referrendum (and YES on the Defense of Marriage Amendment and the non-binding return of the death penalty, along with Green, Van Hollen, Ryan, Grabowski and Honadel) on November 7.

Sick-as-a-dog Wednesday quick-hitters

Just been out of it the last couple days with an ugly cold. Oh well; time to catch up:

  • The obvious one from Owen: the state Senate ‘Rats went and left some “interesting” campaign documents, including multiple pieces of evidence of coordination with 3rd-party groups that, by law must not be coordinated with, in a Capitol building copy room, itself a felony that several Legislators served time for in the past year. Need I mention that the state Senate ‘Rats are led by the Madistan branch, currently headed by Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) and formerly headed by one of those who served time Upchuck Chvala (Convict-Madistan)? Owen seems to think that the Senate ‘Rat Caucus has resurfaced under a different name, another thing that brought down Chvala, former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen (Convict-Brookfield or Waupun) and others.
  • Koren Robinson’s 1-year suspension for a second violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy has been upheld. A quick review of Robinson’s history with suspensions, alcohol, the NFL substance-abuse program and the law (older material culled from The Seattle Times and KOMO-TV in Seattle):
    • Arrested in North Carolina in April 1998 on suspicion of “kidnapping a person under the age of 16 years, by unlawfully confining for the purpose of committing a felony, first-degree sex offense.” Was charged by police of attempted 1st-degree sexual assault, 1st-degree kidnapping and discharge of a firearm in the city (dunno what city), but all charges were dropped when the victim disappeared and clammed up.
    • In March 2002, was pulled over in North Carolina for doing 30 over the speed limit. Despite a BAC of .16 (from the police report), was only charged with exceeding safe speed.
    • Arrested outside a Raleigh, NC bar in February 2003 for failure to disperse. Charges later dropped.
    • Arrested in March 2003 in Raleigh, NC for carrying a concealed weapon (charges also dropped).
    • Suspended 1 game in 2003 by Seattle for missing a team meeting.
    • Suspended 2 games in 2004 by Seatlle for violating undisclosed team rules (unrelated to the NFL suspension), which sandwiched the 4-game NFL suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. Entered a rehab program after the 2004 season.
    • Arrested for DUI in Kirkland, WA March 2005 (with a BAC of .191). Received a 1-year jail term with 364 days suspended, 24 months of probation (one of the terms was that he remain sober), and a $2,000 fine July 2005. Showed up to jail with alcohol on his breath and got an extra day for his trouble. More on this item in a bit.
    • Arrested for DUI and fleeing police in St. Peter, MN August 2006 (.11 BAC). Pled not guilty to those charges October 2006.
    • Suspended by the NFL for a second violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy September 18, 2006, had been under appeal until the appeal was rejected yesterday.
    • Going back to Kirkland, picked up a 90-day jail term for violating terms of his probation in Minnesota October 2006 (was to be served after the season, but since he’s now free to serve without missing any games because of being in jail, he may as well get it out of the way).

    I honestly don’t know who’s dumber; Wile E. Thompson knowing that Robinson would be suspended for a year when he picked him up September 12, or Brett Favre for sticking up for Robinson. Earth to Favre; Robinson has been nothing but trouble since college.

  • Speaking of the Packers, their game in Miami Sunday is one of 7 that some whacko decided to threaten with a radiological bomb attack. I have to question the wisdom of hitting a Packers/Deadfins game; there won’t be many people there. Of course, there was the “lone nut” Islamokazi who blew himself up outside of an Oklahoma Sooners game last year.
  • Ian at Hot Air takes apart Sen. John McShame’s (RINO-Media) quote from Reuters that he would commit suicide if the ‘Rats take the Senate. I don’t think he was joking because that would take away all of his power and platform. He really would like it at 50-50 so he can sell his allegiance to the highest bidder, but he’d have to get in line behind Leapin’ Linc Chafee (who WILL bolt if the Pubbie majority falls to 51) and a few other RINOs.

Durn “global warming”; that 10 consecutive below-average days that it caused has me hunting for the chicken noodle soup.

October 17, 2006

TAM latest to migrate to WP software

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Sean Hackbarth has switched The American Mind from Movable Type to WordPress. While the URL to the main page is the same, the feed URL is different. For some reason, at this moment, simply typing TAM’s main address into your favorite feed reader doesn’t work, so either mash the feed read on his page or stuff this address – into your feed reader.

October 16, 2006

Random Korean/ChiCom thoughts

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(H/T, many thanks, and a plea to reopen registration – Allahpundit)

Item #1 – The New York Times reports that both the Red Chinese and South Koreans will continue to maintain significant business deals with North Korea. Indeed, the ChiComs are refusing to inspect cross-border commerce (I’m shocked, SHOCKED that they would refuse this after demanding that such inspections be made voluntary).

As for the South Koreans, we should no longer concern ourselves with the fate of Seoul when considering whether to do the one thing that will disarm Krazy Kim the Younger (forced regime change). Indeed, we should pull our troops out of South Korea and conduct the operation as an amphibious/air campaign. Glad to see the SKs are practicing their duck-and-cover technique over on Fox; the next time, it probably will be for real regardless of what else happens.

Item #2 – The Daily Telegraph reports that the Royal Navy, once the unrivaled master of the seas and the victim of 9 years of ‘Rat-style cutbacks under the Labour Party, has been so emaciated that they will be no more than bit players in any naval blockade. And for you lefties out there; all of these cuts were planned before Iraq:

  • The attack submarine force is down 17% (to 10), and will shortly be losing another one for 2 years while the first-in-class HMS Astute (which is due to replace the HMS Sovereign, scheduled to be decommissioned no later than January 2007) undergoes sea trials.
  • The surface “tin-can” fleet is down 29% to 25 hulls, with only 8 destroyers (with no effective short-range anti-aircraft/missile defense) and 17 frigates (specializing in anti-sub warfare, containing short-range but no long-range anti-aircraft/missile defense).
  • The baby-carrier fleet has been cut from 3 to 2, with HMS Invincible put in mothballs last year. While the Telegraph bemoans the loss of the Sea Harrier squadrons, they have been replaced by the more-capable Harrier GR.7 and GR.9.

Hmmm, any lessons to be learned here? I do note that the ‘Rats want to draw down our military in a similar fashion. I further note that the last time the Royal Navy was drawn down, the Argentines thought it would be a good time to go grab the Falklands.

Item #3 – The Washington Post reports that the policy chief for Japan’s ruling party is opening questioning whether Japan should remain non-nuclear.

Japan has a LOT to worry about from a nuclear Korea. Before the Rape of Nanking, there was the 30+-year rape of Korea, which continued until the end of World War II. Like much of the rest of the world, the Koreans have long memories and aren’t exactly forgiving. Even if Krazy Kim the Younger does eventually disappear without nuking Tokyo, if a reunited Korea is nuclear, it’s only a matter of time before Japan gets nuked again if they don’t take the “15 minutes” that it would take for them to go nuclear.

Speaking of that, does anybody doubt that there would be actual sanctions imposed on Japan if they were to take that step? Heck, if it wouldn’t be for the US’ veto seat and the 7th Fleet, it may well face UN-sanctioned military action.

October 15, 2006

Packer-less Week 6 (Redemption Part 3)

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We just found out how bad odd weeks are. Let’s forget that and recall the good times on even weeks, as this is one of those. It will be a bit harder to gamble online this weekend, because there’s a fresh new law prohibiting your bank from making money transfers with offshore gaming havens (“thanks”, Bill “Cave Jr” Frist, for squeezing that into the port security bill; we’ll remember in ’08 when you try to run for President), but once again, the lines come to us from –

Buffalo @ Detroit (+2) – You may like the points, you may want the points, you will get the points from a reputable bookie, but you’re not gonna need them. The Bills are making un-fixable mistakes.
Cincinnati (-5.5) @ Tampa Bay – I know the record of teams coming off the bye with a loss going into it isn’t good, but Duh Bucs are worse.
Tennessee @ Washington (-11) – I know what happened last weekend. The Tennesseeans don’t have the passing skills to pull it off 2 weeks in a row.
Houston (+13.5) @ Dallas – This has most of the makings of a shootout. Take the over-44.
Seattle @ St Louis (+3) – The Seahags are not a road team, and are even less of a team without Shaun Alexander and Bobby Engram.
NY Giants @ Atlanta (-3) – Home Sweet Dome.
Philadelphia (-3.5) @ New Orleans – The Saints cannot stop the pass.
Carolina (+3) @ Baltimore – Steve Smith will finally break out in this otherwise-defensive struggle.
Miami (+3) @ NY Jets – I’m going with my fallback position here.
San Diego (-10) @ San Francisco – No contest. Give some cracktion to your man for extra cash (I figure giving him 20 and the Whiners should be safe).
Kansas City (+7) @ Pittsburgh – Too many points to give, especially with the Chefs defense. Go under-37.
Oakland @ Denver (-14.5) – For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you’re giving so few points to take the ponies. NBC is wondering when they can start raiding games from Fox and CBS.
Chicago (-11.5) @ Arizona – Do the math … One killer defense + rookie quarterback = massacre

Well, it was Weak 5

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Despite going 13-1 straight-up (damn Bledsoe), I only went 5-6-3 against the line to dip back below .500 (34-35-5) How did I blow it so bad? Let’s find out…

St. Louis 23 (-3-TIE) @ Green Bay 20 – There’s enough people to blame for this one. I blame them all.
Buffalo 7 @ Chicago 40 (-10) – As long as Grossman’s stinky fingers stay unbroken, look out NFL.
Detroit 17 (+7) @ Minnesota 26 – At least I told you to take the over.
Tennessee 13 @ Indianapolis 14 (-18.5-LOSS) – Call me a fool for trying to lay the lumber. Guess it was the running back.
Washington 3 @ NY Giants 19 (-5) – The G-men are the second tier of the NFC
Tampa Bay 21 @ New Orleans 24 (-7-LOSS) – Why don’t rookies get double-points on their first TD?
Miami 10 @ New England 20 (-10-TIE) – Joanie almost came all the way through for me, but at least I went 2-0 on my over/under specials.
Cleveland 12 @ Carolina 20 (-8-TIE) – What’s with all the pushes last weekend?
NY Jets 0 @ Jacksonville 41 (-7) – Repeating, J-E-T-S S*CK! SU*K! SUC*!
Kansas City 23 (-3.5-LOSS) @ Arizona 20 – Durn half-point.
Oakland 20 @ San Francisco 34 (-3.5) – If Duh Raiders couldn’t win last weekend, they won’t win this season. Bad news for the Drive to #1.
Dallas 24 (+2) @ Philadelphia 38 – That was bad fried rice.
Pittsburgh 13 (+3.5) @ San Diego 23 – I got smashed on this one.
Baltimore 3 @ Denver 13 (-4) – Hooray Rain!

October 13, 2006

BOHICA, Oak Creek-Franklin School District

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I really need to start paying attention to the local shat more. Fortunately, CNI, the publisher of the Oak Creek Pictorial (at least until it is fully-subsumed into the Journal Sentinel Inc. umbrella). has launched (side note, do NOT look for me to be a community voice; I’m “just a bit” too salty.)

A few short years after getting us to bend over for a massive high school expansion and a new elementary school (and about 10 years after building a shiny new West Middle School), guess who’s coming back for more? The freshly-launched, featuring stories from the Oak Creek Pictorial, reports that, in preparation for a November 7 $28.5 million dollar referendum for building a shiny new replacement for Oak Creek East Middle School (originally built in 1956 and expanded in 1970), the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District will be spending $1.44 million for a 36-acre plot of land on East Oakwood Road. Why 36 acres? Allegedly, it’s so that they could put yet another elementary school on the site. Never mind that just down the road is their shiny new elementary school. Never mind that Meadowview is just up the road (oh, that’s right, Meadowview is more than 15 years old, so it will be deemed in need of replacement in the near future).

To throw insult onto injury, they also approved a $30,000/6 acre land purchase adjacent to the existing East Middle School. Why? So that they can build a second high school. Never mind that they just spent $30+ million to expand and remodel the current high school on the promise that they wouldn’t build a second one.

As for the city budget, I don’t have the numbers yet. The Common Council will meet in committee Monday to discuss it, and then will take it up in open session in their November 8th meeting. Guess I’ll be going to the monthly meet-the-mayor deal on Saturday to see if I can’t get my grubby little fingers on the budget.

October 12, 2006

Thanks for nothing, ChiComs and Sovie…er, Russians

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(H/T – Allahpundit)

CBS News is reporting that, in response to Russian Soviet and Red Chinese opposition, the latest draft resolution condemning North Korea would not:

  • Require member nations to freeze North Korean assets from other illicit activities such as “counterfeiting, money-laundering or narcotics” (quote from the previous draft resolution).
  • Prevent any money-laundering that could contribute to the transfer or development of WMDs/long-range ballistic missiles.
  • Require inspection of any cargo to or from North Korea (instead, it would allow “as necessary” inspections).
  • Ban North Korean ships and aircraft from world ports and airports (a demand of Japan).

Guess the ChiComs and Russians Soviets think they can still control Krazy Kim the Younger like they did Krazy Kim the Elder, and that the best method of control; and the best way to defeat the US and the rest of the West is to have North Korea sell their nukes and ballistic missiles to the highest bidder. BTW, that’s the answer to Blaise’s question, “And so we are left to ask ‘What is the point of the U.N.?'”

Blogger blows up again

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Some days, it’s worth it to pay for your own server. This is one of those days, as the various Blogger/BlogSpot blogs are undergoing multiple server errors (both 500 and 502).

Blogroll explosion

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Thanks to my lazy ways, I’ve needed to explode the blogroll to add a few worthy blogs:

The FRAUDfiles
Red State
Disgruntled Truck Driver
Michelle Malkin
The Right Side of New Berlin
Hot Air

If you’re not already reading these blogs, you should be.

October 11, 2006

Carnival of the Badger LIX

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Now how do I get these odd Roman numeral editions to run? First things first, I’d like to thank the 5 people who remembered to actually send submissions.

– The Badger Tracker just came back from vacation and wonders why UW Chancellor John Wiley is shocked, SHOCKED that the UW Marching Band would consume alcohol and then act stupid.

– Our intrepid Carnival innovator Nick answers a Scott Feldstein guns-or-welfare challenge with a classic Deion Sanders line, “Both, boss”.

– Mike the Ace Reporter from Spring City figures out what the home of the world’s largest 6-pack needs to stop the mysterious drownings.

– Patrick, he of the mean badger on the masthead, points out what happens when a real prosecutor takes over for E. Michael McCann(t).

– Tracy the FRAUD Huntress is surprised that the aforementioned DA managed to charge somebody in the Milwaukee Public Museum meltdown.

Now that we’ve got the good bloggers out of the way, it’s time to be vewy vewy quiet…

…I’m hunting posts. Hehehehehe! If you wanted a different post highlighted, or wanted your own description of the post incorporated, or you think you should’ve been included, you should’ve sent your post in.

– First target – The easily-Changed Aaron, who thinks that everybody else in the Cheddarsphere is dead, but forgot to publicize the funerals.

– Target #2 – The Spotted Chris, who bemoans the Pentagon-ordered demise of tough DIs.

– Double-tap targets – Jib and Early-Spinning Dan had the same reaction to the North Korean nuclear (or maybe not-quite-nuclear) test.

– The 1,000-yard shot – Whether you can read or not, Dennis York’s latest campaign finance screed is must-see blogging.

There went the ammo. I knew I should’ve grabbed the 30-round clip. I’ll leave you with the not-so-official return of All My Packers, The Next Generation.

If you think you can do a better job with the 60th edition, let Nick know. We were within a couple hours of not having a Carnival this week until it fell back on me, and boy does that show.

Carnival here tonight

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Get those submissions in to badgercarnival – at – gmail – dot – com by 8 pm. As of 5:45 pm, I only have 3 (including mine), so it’s starting to look a bit thin. Don’t make me hunt you down.

Revisions/extensions (8:24 pm 10/11/2006) – With only 6 submissions, I’m going to have to break out Mr. Tastic’s .22 with the laser scope. Don’t say I didn’t warn you lazy bums.

All My Packers, The Next Generation (Pilot)

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I don’t have the fancy studio that Bob and Brian do, but we’ll roll with it anyway.

Like sands through the hourglass, so go the days in Green Bay. And thus we bring you All My Packers, The Next Generation.

Well, since we last looked into the goings-on in The Frozen Tundra, we’ve had a Super Bowl ring, a second trip to the Super Bowl, three head coaches, and two general managers. Now, we’re back to where we first started, with a rookie head coach on pace to becoming the worst since the last McCoach, a pure idiot of a GM who wants to make Forrest Gregg look good, more injuries than you can shake a roll of tape at, and a running back that looks to be the second coming of Brent Fullwood. Let’s listen in as GM Ted Thompson sits in his office.

Thompson – “Wile E., you’re such a genius. Waiting until after the 4th game to get rid of Ahmad Carroll to make yourself look good compared to that schmuk Shermoron was brilliance, sheer brilliance.”
“Hello, Wile E. Thompson, super genius speaking. Oh, hi Commish. What do you mean Koren’s appealing? Oh well, back to the ole’ drawing board.”

Tune in next time, when we hear Vernand Morency and Brett Favre do a duet, “It just slipped out of my hands.” Next time, on All My Packers, The Next Generation.

October 10, 2006 is having a contest

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In response to this WaPo article stating that the Pubbies expect to lose 7-30 seats in the House (note; if they lose 15, we have Speaker Nancy Pelosi), is having a little contest. For the next 18 hours, wants your reasons why the Pubbies should be re-elected in 2006. The winner will get a 1-year subscription to the Limbaugh Letter, as Rush’s response was the inspiration behind this.

To get you started, I’ll repost my entry (not that I expect to win):

Contrary to popular belief, the Democrats do have an agenda for 2006:

– Raise taxes
– Emasculate the military and intelligence agencies
– Restore Saddam Hussein to power
– Implement universal government health care
– Prevent any appointments to the federal courts the next 2 years
– Conduct a “Constitutional” coup

Beyond that, a Democrat victory in 2006 will make their agenda for 2008, turn the US into France without the nuclear power plants, closer to reality.

I turned off comments for a reason; you can’t win by posting here. I probably will turn them on sometime after 1:30 pm tomorrow when they close the contest.

Revisions/extensions (8:26 pm 10/11/2006); no I didn’t win, but the comments are now open here.

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