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Who’s running Team Craps and DEB, Riley Coyote? (and an addition to the roll)

by @ 13:57 on September 21, 2006. Filed under Grand Theft Courts, Politics - Wisconsin, The Blog.

(H/T – Mike Huckleberry)

Mike Ellis, who I have little love for, noticed a little something about the State Doylie Elections Board’s kneecapping robbery of the Green campaign; namely, it happened in Waukesha County. Last I checked, Paul “The Marauder” Bucher was still DA there. Accordingly, Ellis has asked Bucher’s office to look into whether laws were broken by the Doylies. I don’t think the Doylies will come out in much better shape than Donovan “Vote twice like a ‘Rat” Riley.

For contributing “Riley Coyote” to the lexicon, silent E speaks just found its way onto the roll. Let’s make Doyle’s name mud-spelled backwards November 7.

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