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Cheddarsphere League wrapup Week 3

by @ 18:31 on September 27, 2006. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Spiraling Colby 107.02 (3-0, 322.65), Highway Runners 105.99 (0-3, 211.04) – The Colby, thanks to the efforts of Willie Parker (26.60) and Donovan McNabb (22.52), along with what head coach steveegg termed “Jedi Mind Tricks”, managed to fend off an upset attempt from the Runners. The Runners, who were playing without an active kicker, and suffered the game-time deactivation of Chad Jackson, had 4 players top 10 points, led by Clinton Portis’ 28.40, to double their year-to-date point total.

Caledonia Bloggers 79.31 (1-2, 209.17), Right Wing Wackos 75.07 (1-2, 288.16) – The Bloggers finally got some love from David Carr (17.21) and Ahman Green (17.10) to get their first win of the season. The Whackos were led by Darrell Jackson’s 17.70.

TheDebateTeam 127.28 (3-0, 331.15), No Bid Contracts 59.43 (1-2, 255.22) – The Debaters rode the shoulders of top-performer Brian Westbrook (34.40) to shred the depleted Contracts. Marc Bulger’s 15.33 was not enough to overcome the scratching of D’onte Stallworth.

Killer Boars 96.03 (1-2, 267.17), teach3 85.26 (1-2, 270.09) – John Kasay (20.00) led the charge for the Killer Boars, as they overcame John Gilmore’s shutout to get off the schneid. The Bengal players came to play for teach 3 (Carson Palmer – 26.86, defense – 16.00), but few others made a serious effort.

Warriors 98.73 (2-1, 273.80), Vast Conspirator 79.11 (240.10) – The tag-team of Javon Walker (25.00) and Ladell Betts (21.10) was too much for the balanced approach of the Conspirators. Chad Pennington led 4 Conspirators who reached 10 points with 15.21.

Sanders’ Sabers 82.10 (3-0, 285.98), City Workers 78.64 (1-2, 266.88) – Inspired by a promise of free Frebirds’ burritos with a win, Keshawn Johnson (22.10) and Eli Manning (23.50) did just enough to overcome a workman-like performance from Willis McGahee (15.30) and John Carney (13.00).

Preview of the premier matchup of Week 4, TheDebateTeam @ Spiraling Colby – Many in the Cheddarsphere League consider this a preview of the championship game. The Debaters bring the #1 running back, Brian Westbrook and #1 scoring team into the Colby Bowl. The Colby counter with the #1 quarterback, Donovan McNabb, and the #2 scoring team.

The trash talk started early, with Debate coach Fred D. hunting for a cheese shredder and Colby coach steveegg promising a cheese-curd-induced choke for the Debaters. Head referee Mills Lane, when reached for comment, simply said, “Let’s get it on!”

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