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1st Quarterly (or so) Spotted Horse Shootout wrap

by @ 17:17 on September 30, 2006. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Or at least a very quick, disjointed one sans pics (I left mine at home):

  • I got to McMiller’s Sport Center just after 10, met up with Chris. We waited until 10:30, then went and got our all-day passes and proceeded to the 25-yard range. Dad29 was sick, so we missed his arsenal, triticale had to work, and a few others who said they wanted to make it didn’t (and a couple were late; more on them in a bit).
  • First gun out; Chris’ .44 Magnum, with the scope attached but not yet zeroed. The scope threw me off, as I wasn’t used to the focal point. We were both predictably all over the place early, with Chris zeroing in relatively quickly. Damn, but that has a kick, especially with the hunting rounds.
  • Next out; the .40 S&W. Nice action, and I actually got a few decent shots off.
  • Just after the long guns came out, Phel finally made it in. First up was the 7.62 AK-47-ChiCom-clone assault rifle. That there is a sweet rifle, and I picked up my rifle marksmanship pretty quick. Same with Phel.
  • Next out was the Tsar’s .22 bolt-action. Perfect kid’s gun; no recoil.
  • Mr. Tastic rolled in with a trio of pistols; a ported .45 with what he said was non-zeroed sights, a 9 mm, and a .22 with a laser scope. We took over another 2 lanes, and started having loads of fun.
  • At the same time, Chris brought out his Black Death .30-06 with a big ole’ scope and a bipod. Phel squeezed off a LOT of shots with it, I picked the bottom-right of the target just so my holes wouldn’t be confused with anybody else’s, and they weren’t as I left the McMiller logo down there ragged (was just a tick high-and-left, though if I would’ve aimed for the bulls-eye, it would have still been in the inner-white; after all, it was only 25 yards).

We pounded out so many rounds that we didn’t care that Chris left his 200 shotgun shells back home. Instead, we retired to the range office for some quick small-talk and some sodas.

I’m torn between picking up a .40 S&W and picking up a .45. I managed to get some good hits with both, nailing the 6th of the target I wanted to with both.

Ah, I see that Phel beat me to the post. I did stop for some good gas and some Subway, and then took the long way home.

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