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The 5-ring circus known as the 2006 Wisconsin Senate race

by @ 6:00 on August 8, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

This is the Emergency Blogging System. Even though steveegg isn’t here, through the magic of WordPress and a helpful Badger Carnival creator, we have a Carnival post, even if it does suck because it was pumped into the pipeline on a keyboard broken by repeated crashes by a tired forehead.

The Senate race just isn’t getting the attention or respect it deserves. Frankly, it deserves no respect, but it does need some attention. Let’s bring in Michael Buffem….

In the gray corner, weighing in at no accomplishments in 3 terms in the Senate, a man whose idea of campaigning is to buy a spot in the NBA playoffs once every 6 years, Nobody’s Senator, Herb Kohl.

In the red-and-blue corner, weighed down by a sexual abuse allegation that, despite being filed in December, only came to light after nobody else showed up at the “R”PW headquarters to try to carry the RINO banner, the Rodney Dangerfield of Wisconsin politics, Robert “The Lawyer” Lorge.

In the Commie red corner, and the first challenger for Nobody’s Senate seat, knocked down by Madison police for attempting to gather signatures after hours, sponsored by the KOmmies and dope-smokers nationwide, Ben “Potted Plant” Masel.

In the other red corner (Oh, that’s green? I can’t tell the difference), carrying the water of the battiest of the moonbats, Rae Voegler.

Skydiving his way directly into the general election, stupidly refusing to accept the benefits of a straight-party ballot, Ben “Don’t call me the other one” Glatzel.

When the bell rings, the man in charge will be Kevin Kennedy. For the tens in attendance, the hundreds that give a damn, and the millions that will vote anyway, let’s get ready to rrrrrumbllllllllllle!

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