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For those that doubted that the ‘Rats are the Party of Fraud™…

by @ 17:21 on August 14, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

Revisions/extensions (11:28 am 8/15) – Jim McGuigan has raised some serious questions about the veracity of the Sullivan report. I am looking into this, and hope to have the original voter registration information, specifically from Whitefish Bay, by the end of the week. Once I do, I will scan that, without any enhancements, into a file and go from there.

We have a pair of multiple voters seeking office under the DPW banner. I’m sure you know all about Donovan Riley, who was imported from Illinois by the moonbats who felt that Jeff Plale’s conversion to hard-core lieberalism wasn’t complete enough, voted twice in the 2000 fall primary, and basically laughed it off. Who you may not know about (if you don’t read Boots and Sabers, that is) is the saga of James O. Sullivan, who the ‘Rats hope unseats Tom Reynolds. He did the same thing 4 years earlier. You’ll have to forgive the FIB for not realizing a few things that Sullivan knew all about:

  • Keep your fraud in Milwaukee County. Sullivan did his personal fraud-for-Clinton campaign in Whitefish Bay and Wauwatosa, communities mis-served by E. Michael McCan’t, a DA who never met a political corruption case he would pursue. Riley chose to do his Wisconsin half of his personal fraud-for-Algore campaign in Oconomowoc, which is served by a hang-’em-high DA, Paul Bucher (who has to be hitting his knees thanking God for this plum case right now). Bucher isn’t wasting any time in launching an investigation.
  • Don’t cross state lines, especially if your federal candidate loses – Once again, Sullivan didn’t leave Milwaukee County. Riley spread his scheme across two states, and the guy he committed fraud for lost the Presidential election. Crossing state lines easily opens up the federal hooks, and because George Bush won instead of Algore, there are pit bulls in the Milwaukee and Chicago US Attorney’s offices.
  • Let the statute of limitations run out before your scheme is discovered, just in case the prosecution situation changes between the time you commit the fraud and the time it is discovered. I’m not positive on the federal statute of limitations, but the state has a 6-year one. It’s been just short of 10 years since Sullivan committed his fraud, but less than 6 years since Riley committed his.

Of course, there is one thing or two that neither Sullivan nor Riley counted on; the rise of blogs and the anger of informed voters. I have another reason to jump on the far side of the primary, because as much as I’ve called Plale “East Side”, he’s nowhere near as bad as Riley (and thanks to gerrymandering, there’s no way a Pubbie is taking a district dominated by UWM and a couple of union towns in Cudahy and South Milwaukee). Meanwhile, folks on the west end of the county (which will include my sister in a couple weeks) will have to wait until November to hold Sullivan accountable by denying him the state Senate.

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