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August 29, 2006

New home for Spotted Horse

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Chris took the full-fledged WordPress plunge, got himself a domain of his own, and moved Spotted Horse. You’ll have to read why he kept the “2” over there, but first, update your blogrolls and RSS feeds.

August 24, 2006

All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us

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(H/Ts – Free Republic and Michelle Malkin)

Mash here for the best new YouTube video, which busts Green Helmet Guy and al-Reuters upside their skulls. I would embed it, but at least for me, YouTube videos embedded outside of lack sound.

August 22, 2006

Fox News crew still missing

(H/Ts – Michelle Malkin via Asian Badger and Mary)

On August 14, Fox News correspondent Steve Centanni and free-lance cameraman Olaf Wiig were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip in broad daylight near the Palestinian Authority security headquarters. 8 days later, there has been no contact with their kidnappers and no demands have been made for their release. May they be released unharmed quickly.

Michelle started the day wondering why there has been so little news on their kidnappining; indeed, the article she linked to comes out of New Zealand, home of Wiig. She noted, and I agree, that the lack of coverge is odd, considering that most kidnappings of foreigners in Gaza have only lasted a couple days with the kidnappers making demands shortly after the kidnapping and the victims released unharmed.

At first, I thought that since Fox News hasn’t been providing updates, the rest of the media was taking the cue from them. Then, after finally catching an on-air update during the Fox Report (with guest host Jane Skinner – schwing ;-) ) that confirmed that there has been no contact withthe kidnappers, I rechecked Malkin’s post on this and find that I gave the rest of the presstitutes too much credit. A lefty TV critic by the name of Bob Laurence let slip the real reason why ABCCBSNBCCNNPMSNBCNYTWPetal have been ignoring this; they don’t like Fox because Fox doesn’t follow the same DNC talking-points “reporting” they do.

August 21, 2006

Still don’t want to build a fence?

Cybercast News Service is running with a story about Texas border-county sheriffs finding evidence of Arabs and Iranians swimming the Rio Grande, often with the help of drug cartels and the Mexican Army.

Guess it’s time to renew my call to militarize the border, with shoot-to-kill orders given to the troops. If the Mexicans have a problem with that, roll south and remind them exactly what happened 160 or so years ago.


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In the last 5 days, 3 entities have released polls on the governor’s race (listed in order of dates taken, hat-tips to Kevin and Peter for finding these first):

  • August 10 – Rasmussen – Doyle 49%, Green 41% (Doyle gained 2 points since the July Rasmussen poll, Green held steady, and the 3-month rolling average remained Doyle +6%). Rasmussen notes a certain lack of “loyalty” for Green among Pubbie voters, but without a breakdown of where that lack of loyalty is, I can’t agree with Kevin’s analysis that it’s Belling telling us SE Wisconsin Stormtroopers to not vote for him. It could just as easily be SW Wisconsin RINOs thinking that Green is too much of a conservative.
  • August 11-13 – Strategic Vision – Doyle 45%, Green 44% (both candidates improved 2 points since the July Strategic Vision poll, Doyle’s disapproval at 50%). Strategic Vision has always been much more favorable to the Pubbies in this race, though you can hardly consider this a conservative-friendly poll; RINOs take the top 3 spots in the straw poll for the 2008 Pubbie nomination.
  • August 12-14 – Research 2000 for WISC-TV – Doyle 48%, Green 38% (no previous polls to compare to and no numbers other than what WISC decided to feed us). Most-noteworthy of those limited numbers is that 34% of the respondents had no opinion of Green.

Before Xoff and the rest of you Doylies break out the champagne, do take a couple of notes:

  • All 3 of these polls were finished just before Green finally got on the TV airwaves, but after a round of Doyle TV ads and several rounds of Doylie TV ads.
  • There has yet to be a major poll that puts Doyle at or above 50%.

I strongly suspect that this is the high point of the Doyle campaign, now that new polls will start reflecting the Green Team’s on-air response. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Strategic Vision poll has Green up, with Rasmussen reducing Doyle’s lead to 4 points or less.

In short, the election will turn on what close Wisconsin elections have turned on the last several election cycles – whether the Pubbies can turn out enough enough voters to overcome the ‘Rat vote fraud (or conversely, whether the ‘Rats can manufacture enough votes to overcome the Pubbie turnout).

August 18, 2006

The last NSA intercept

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The following is a NSA intercept, in progress as word got to the agency that a Carterista lawgiver/warlord-in-black decided that such intercepts were no longer necessary only a few days after such intercepts were instrumental in stopping the planned bombing of a bunch of UK-to-US airliners. It was handed to me already translated from the original Arabic:

UAMV #1 – Unidentified Arabic Male Voice #1, originating somewhere in South Asia
UAMV #2 – Unidentified Arabic Male Voice #2, originating somewhere in the United States

UAMV #1 – Hello, al-Zawahiri residence, Ayman speaking
UAMV #2 – It’s so good to hear your voice again, dear leader. I have good news to…
UAMV #1 – Achmed von Muhammad, how many times did I tell you to not call me at home? Don’t you know that the American NSA is trying to find you operatives and me?
UAMV #2 – But that’s just the thing. There’s this Carter-appointed lawgiver-in-black, Allah praise the Peanut Farmer, that just stopped the NSA from trying to find us. Thanks to the indidel wench Anna Diggs Taylor, they can’t trace any more phone calls that have an American component without a FISA warrant, and with our allies on the FISA court blocking the attempts at warrants that actually target us, we’re in the clear.
UAMV #1 – Allah be praised. May he give me Taylor as one of my virgins in Paradise. She probably can’t handle the action, but there will be 71 more for me to break in. We’ll have to start routing all our communications through the Great Satan. The infidel Karl Marx was right; the West will give us all the tools we need to destroy them.
UAMV #2 – May Allah clone Taylor so all my 72 virgins are her after I do my part in Operation Final Jihad. Now, let’s get down to business. Most of our preparations for Operation Final Jihad are ready. Did you want to review the methods, targets, and precise timing one more time?
UAMV #1 – Certainly, now that the American pigs can’t trace…
(Transcript ends abruptly as the team monitoring this call get the word they can’t continue)

NSA Technician – What the hell? We were just about to get the goods on stopping a major attack on us
NSA Lawyer – I know, but you heard the judge. We can’t do this anymore. Make sure you erase the tape as well, because we can’t use anything from it thanks to the lack of a warrant.
NSA Technician – Damn it.

August 16, 2006

Just in case you came here first,…

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There’s some seriously-funny stuff out there from the past 24 hours:

August 15, 2006

One more test

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Re-testing trackback/pingback to an earlier post – once again, please ignore.

Testing – please ignore

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Testing pingback/trackback to an earlier post – please ignore.

August 14, 2006

The Green Team is (almost) finally on the air

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Mash here for the first extreme commercial, set to hit Wisconsin’s airwaves tomorrow.

For those that doubted that the ‘Rats are the Party of Fraud™…

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Revisions/extensions (11:28 am 8/15) – Jim McGuigan has raised some serious questions about the veracity of the Sullivan report. I am looking into this, and hope to have the original voter registration information, specifically from Whitefish Bay, by the end of the week. Once I do, I will scan that, without any enhancements, into a file and go from there.

We have a pair of multiple voters seeking office under the DPW banner. I’m sure you know all about Donovan Riley, who was imported from Illinois by the moonbats who felt that Jeff Plale’s conversion to hard-core lieberalism wasn’t complete enough, voted twice in the 2000 fall primary, and basically laughed it off. Who you may not know about (if you don’t read Boots and Sabers, that is) is the saga of James O. Sullivan, who the ‘Rats hope unseats Tom Reynolds. He did the same thing 4 years earlier. You’ll have to forgive the FIB for not realizing a few things that Sullivan knew all about:

  • Keep your fraud in Milwaukee County. Sullivan did his personal fraud-for-Clinton campaign in Whitefish Bay and Wauwatosa, communities mis-served by E. Michael McCan’t, a DA who never met a political corruption case he would pursue. Riley chose to do his Wisconsin half of his personal fraud-for-Algore campaign in Oconomowoc, which is served by a hang-’em-high DA, Paul Bucher (who has to be hitting his knees thanking God for this plum case right now). Bucher isn’t wasting any time in launching an investigation.
  • Don’t cross state lines, especially if your federal candidate loses – Once again, Sullivan didn’t leave Milwaukee County. Riley spread his scheme across two states, and the guy he committed fraud for lost the Presidential election. Crossing state lines easily opens up the federal hooks, and because George Bush won instead of Algore, there are pit bulls in the Milwaukee and Chicago US Attorney’s offices.
  • Let the statute of limitations run out before your scheme is discovered, just in case the prosecution situation changes between the time you commit the fraud and the time it is discovered. I’m not positive on the federal statute of limitations, but the state has a 6-year one. It’s been just short of 10 years since Sullivan committed his fraud, but less than 6 years since Riley committed his.

Of course, there is one thing or two that neither Sullivan nor Riley counted on; the rise of blogs and the anger of informed voters. I have another reason to jump on the far side of the primary, because as much as I’ve called Plale “East Side”, he’s nowhere near as bad as Riley (and thanks to gerrymandering, there’s no way a Pubbie is taking a district dominated by UWM and a couple of union towns in Cudahy and South Milwaukee). Meanwhile, folks on the west end of the county (which will include my sister in a couple weeks) will have to wait until November to hold Sullivan accountable by denying him the state Senate.

August 11, 2006

Post-vacation blogroll addition and some other housekeeping

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– Please welcome Neo-Con* Tastic to the roll.

– Because my Captcha seems to be blocking not only comments but trackbacks/pingbacks (I’m sure I had a few legitimate ones), I’m trying things without it again. Maybe I got off the radar screens of a few of the chimps trying to recreate Shakespere in the comments section.

Revisions/extensions (2:58 pm 8/11) – reinstated the captcha; the monkeys are as bad as ever.

Craps protects ADM – again

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(H/Ts – Charlie and Dennis York as I try to catch up on the news of the week)

Shortly after his Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection threatened to apply Wisconsin’s gasoline Minimum Markup Law (the one that mandates a station charge the higher of 9.18% above the average terminal price or 6% above what the station paid) to a chain of stations selling E-85 gasoline, Gov. Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) ordered that the state no longer harass those selling corn-a-hole-blended fuels (which appears to apply to both E-85 and E-10). A few random observations:

From the original Duluth News Tribune story via Charlie:

Wisconsin Consumer Protection investigators launched a probe into Badger’s fuel prices and found E-85 selling for just over $2 a gallon.

Based on a formula, the investigators said the price should have been $1 more.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Isn’t that what I’ve been saying for a while? CBOT no longer provides live quotes for corn-a-hole online (gee, I wonder if I had something to do with that :-) , but their latest weekly chartbook (as of the close of business last Wednesday) had ethanol futures settling above $2.50/gallon through the October contracts. By comparison, gasoline futures settled yesterday under $2/gallon on NYMEX, while reformulated gas (the more-plentiful East Coast version at least) futures settled just over $2/gallon (depending on the month, $.04-$.12/gallon over the good stuff).

From Craps’ press release (linked above):

The minimum markup law, passed in the 1930s, sets a minimum price at which motor fuels can be sold in Wisconsin, but makes no distinction between fuel derived from petroleum and fuel derived from ethanol. Governor Doyle said this has the effect of artificially inflating the cost of ethanol blended fuels such as E-85 and E-10. Ethanol is selling wholesale at $1.37 a gallon (accounting for a federal ethanol tax credit), while the price of petroleum is $2.60.

Like Dennis, I have a few questions:

  1. How much more of a tax break is Big Corn-A-Hole (i.e. ADM) getting than Big Oil? Hint, Big Corn-A-Hole gets better than a 50% tax break.
  2. Why did the Legislature in the 1930s and governors up until The Bought-And-Paid-For One not make a distinction between corn-a-hole fuel and petrol? Could it be that until Craps came along, Big Corn-A-Hole couldn’t find somebody who could be bought so easily?
  3. How much would it cost me to have the speed limit raised to, say 110, so it doesn’t take me 5 1/2 hours to get from Superior to Milwaukee?

Of course, what else should I expect from the guy who threatened Big Oil if they ever passed on the true costs of reformulated gas (which then and now contains corn-a-hole) to only those who are forced to buy it? Should I have expected any different from the guy who felt the state Constitution didn’t apply to him when it came time to pay off the Potawatomi and the Ho-Chunk (who bought the biggest position change from him)?

Back-early short takes

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I’m more-or-less decompressed from the 550-mile return drive from the wilderness, so it’s time to review:

  • The new outfitter – he’s still learning the business end of Canoe Country, but once he does, he’ll be great
  • 60-rod portages – damn easy
  • Ice on Day 1 on the trail – very refreshing
  • Fishing before a front goes through – good / fishing between fronts – not so good
  • Sven and Ole’s pizza – still the best Meat Zah, er, pizza, this or the other side of Chicago
  • Having your old outfitter come on out on Day 6 – priceless, even if the fish had wired their mouths shut
  • Him bringing out a 10-pound block of ice along with the rest of his stuff for a couple nights (over a 290-rod portage in 1 trip no less) – beyond priceless
  • Within 6 hours of rolling into one site, seeing a family of gray jays literally pose for pictures (actually not unusual behavior for them) and a pair of moose graze just off the campsite – awesome
  • Sitting down to take care of business you can’t stand for – refreshing (on the Canadian side, you have to dig a hole and squat)
  • Getting back to civilization – Well, hot showers and electricity are nice; the rest of it, not as nice

So, what did I miss besides the Islamokazis trying to act up again, being busted with tactics not approved by Russ el-Slimeroad (Moonbat-Al Qaeda)?

August 10, 2006

The difference between MMSD and the USFS

This is the Emergency Blogging System. This alert is almost over; steveegg should be back to give you live crap in 2 days.

Don’t try drinking straight from the lake at home. By the time this hits the wires, steveegg will have drunk several gallons of unfiltered-yet-clean water straight from the lakes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (as well as a bunch of hard liquor; he is on vacation after all) with no ill effect. The secret is to find a non-shallow part of the lake well away from shore, currents, and bugs (oh, and not having motors or people dump crap into the lake helps a lot too).

August 8, 2006

The 5-ring circus known as the 2006 Wisconsin Senate race

This is the Emergency Blogging System. Even though steveegg isn’t here, through the magic of WordPress and a helpful Badger Carnival creator, we have a Carnival post, even if it does suck because it was pumped into the pipeline on a keyboard broken by repeated crashes by a tired forehead.

The Senate race just isn’t getting the attention or respect it deserves. Frankly, it deserves no respect, but it does need some attention. Let’s bring in Michael Buffem….

In the gray corner, weighing in at no accomplishments in 3 terms in the Senate, a man whose idea of campaigning is to buy a spot in the NBA playoffs once every 6 years, Nobody’s Senator, Herb Kohl.

In the red-and-blue corner, weighed down by a sexual abuse allegation that, despite being filed in December, only came to light after nobody else showed up at the “R”PW headquarters to try to carry the RINO banner, the Rodney Dangerfield of Wisconsin politics, Robert “The Lawyer” Lorge.

In the Commie red corner, and the first challenger for Nobody’s Senate seat, knocked down by Madison police for attempting to gather signatures after hours, sponsored by the KOmmies and dope-smokers nationwide, Ben “Potted Plant” Masel.

In the other red corner (Oh, that’s green? I can’t tell the difference), carrying the water of the battiest of the moonbats, Rae Voegler.

Skydiving his way directly into the general election, stupidly refusing to accept the benefits of a straight-party ballot, Ben “Don’t call me the other one” Glatzel.

When the bell rings, the man in charge will be Kevin Kennedy. For the tens in attendance, the hundreds that give a damn, and the millions that will vote anyway, let’s get ready to rrrrrumbllllllllllle!

August 5, 2006

BBA invades State Fair today

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This is the Emergency Blogging System. Official instructions start now.

Come on down to West Allis and the State Fair to meet your favorite bloggers. The fun starts at 12:30 at Benno’s Microbrew Tent, kitty-corner from the Cream Puffs. (Un)fortunately, steveegg won’t be there because Sean scheduled this little shingding a weekend too early.

For more details, mash here

August 3, 2006

What draws comments?

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This is the Emergency Blogging System. It has been activated because steveegg is out fishing until 9/12. This is not a drill; drills go Black-and-Decker-Black-and-Decker-Black-and-Decker.

It never ceases to amaze me what does and does not draw comments. Let’s take a quick look at a pair of recent posts here on No Runny Eggs. First, we have a post about weather that was in the process of rolling through as it was written Sunday morning. It didn’t even have any cool pics or “here’s the rain” in it (that was still to the north and west as it was posted), but it still drew 4 comments, the last a day after.

Next, we have a semi-humorous take on the upset of the Sausage Racing season. If you’re not a regular reader (which means you probably got here from the L Badger Carnival over on RealDebateWisconsin, it’s stuff that’s usually found on Dennis York’s blog. Despite it being funnier than the average post here (that’s not saying much :-) , it hadn’t received a single comment as of Tuesday evening when this missive was sent out.

‘Tis a good thing I don’t give too much of a flying bomb about stats ;-)

August 1, 2006

The disk jockey has made an error

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The disk jockey has made a mistake (Hey Jude!).
One moment please.
We are now recycling No Runny Eggs.
Now back to No Runny Eggs, already in progress.

Something that wasn’t supposed to see the light of day until next week Thursday accidentally made it out early. I knew I should’ve upgraded to the Emergency All-blogging System ;-)

The Senate finally supports a bit of additional drilling

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(H/T – Fred)

It’s a case of good/bad/ugly news:

The good – The Senate voted to open up 8.3 million acres of the central Gulf of Mexico to new oil development by a vote of 71-25.

The bad – It must now be reconciled with a House measure that opens up additional land off both coasts to oil development.

The ugly – Russ el-Slimeroad (Moonbat-Al Qaeda) supported both of his natural constituencies in voting against this.

Gone fishing

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Back August 12. I MIGHT have an extended post or two show up on the Emergency Blogging System, but don’t hold me to that because there’s something less than 12 hours before I head out of town.

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