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TCF Bank Air Show

by @ 17:53 on July 15, 2006. Filed under Miscellaneous.

One word describes it, especially the Thunderbirds – AWESOME!

If you missed it, Fred has some stock video of the Thunderbirds, and Patrick has at least 1 shot and possibly some video from today’s performance. Of course, I never did run into either of them, though I did run into The Asian Badger.

Now, don’t miss it tomorrow, even if it will be hotter tomorrow.

Revisions/extensions (12:30 pm 7/16) – Patrick was way too far north (he was about at the North Point snack bar), Aaron was only slightly too far west (though he has some rather extensive video), and both Fred and Dad29 were too far south (in addition to his pics, Fred has some live video of the Thunderbirds).

If you didn’t go yesterday, and you can dig up some sunscreen and a lot of water (trust me or at least the back of my neck and knees, you’ll need both), it’s not too late to go today. The US Army Golden Knights parachute team will be going about 1:50, and the Thunderbirds start up about 3:30. In between, there’s also an F-15 (I suspect it’s the -E Strike Eagle model because the narrator said it could handle 9 G’s, and they did have a crew of 2) that duets with a P-51D at the end of its run (that’s on one of Aaron’s videos), and an F/A-18F Super Hornet that duets with a F-6F Hellcat (though it looked a lot more like a F-4U Corsair to both the Asian Badger and me) at the end of its run.

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