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July 30, 2006

The Chorizo got smoked in controversy-filled race

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Milwaukee (crAP) – El Picante, after getting a special one-day exemption from the INS to work in the United States at the urging of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, finished a disappointing third in Saturday’s controversial running of the Brewers’/Klement’s Sausage Race.

The controversy started immediately after Brett Wurst beat Guido to the finish line to win the race. Well-known bookie Knock-Knees Tony was seen giving Picante a large manilla envelope as Picante departed the field along the right-field line. Picante immediately left after the race for the Arizona Fall League and was unavailable for comment, but Tony said, “Can’t a lucky paisan help out a new immigrant?” Wurst was listed as a 500-1 longshot by various sports books.

Further adding doubt to the legimitacy of their wins, both Wurst and season-leading Guido reportedly tested positive for excessive amounts of protein in a meat test taken immediately after yesterday’s race. If “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E” samples from the pair, to be tested in Gantner’s Gardens at 11:30 am this morning, also show excessive amounts of protein, their finishes will be thrown out. Guido that he always had an unusually-high amount of protein, offering to have his personal butcher provide years of evidence. Wurst vehemetly denied the charge after bonking on Friday, claiming, “I drowned my sorrows in Icehouse instead of my usual Miller Lite, so between that and my miraculous recovery from Friday’s race, that threw my body chemistry off. I categorically deny taking any sausage-enhancing drugs.”

Brewers’ owner Mark Attanasio was not impressed by these denials, ordering Brett Wurst and Guido suspended until this matter is fully-digested. They will be replaced by Dr. Z and Vito Corleone in today’s race.

You might want to go to the late church service

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There’s a whole bunch of red on the radar stretching from the lake along the Milwaukee-Ozaukee County line to the Dodge-Jefferson County line headed to the southeast. The National Weather Service currently has severe thunderstorm warnings up for Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Waukesha and Jefferson Counties, and the winds are howling at or above 60 mph with plenty of tree and power line damage. One thing they didn’t quite mention was the lightning; there’s a whole heap of it. They should push through by about 10 am.

There’s more behind this; we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 4 pm.

July 26, 2006

It’s official; the Craps tax “freeze” sublimated right before our eyes

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The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance has the details on the municipal level. To wit:

– Among the municipalities with a population of at least 2,000 (230 total), despite the Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi) 2% tax “freeze”, property taxes increased 4.1% in fiscal year (FY) 2006 (2005-2006 on your calendar), the same as the average between FY2002 and FY2005. Throwing in the tiny communities kept the FY2006 increase at 4.1% and raised the average FY2002-FY2005 increase to 4.3%.
– 86 of those “large” communities raised those taxes higher in FY2006 than in FY2005 (when there was no Craps anti-Freeze).
– Local spending in the “large” communities increased by an annual average of 4.3% between FY2000 and FY2004.
– Local debt in the “large” communities increased by an annual average of 6.9% during that same time-frame.

Meanwhile, neither inflation nor compensation has kept up with any aspect of government taxation or spending over that time. Between 2000 and 2005, inflation in the Midwest was an annual average of 2.41%. Over that same time, compensation in the Milwaukee-Racine area went up an annual average of 3.48%.

Tell me again, members of the Party In Government, why we don’t need a property tax freeze.

Will the last person out of Wisconsin please tell We Energies to turn out the lights.

Revisions/extensions (11:19 am 7/26) – Forgot to mention all of those unelected taxing authorities, like MMSD and MATC, that weren’t even part of the Craps’ anti-freeze. Throw those in, and the news gets worse.

The hits just keep on coming from Dennis York

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If you’re not reading his stuff on a regular basis, shame on you. Here’s what you missed the last few days (and I’m just including the seriously-funny stuff; there’s also some very serious stuff included):

Dennis’ bachelor habits (damn but they look familiar)
Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) hoping that the first thing embryonic stem cell research saves is his job
The unfortunate deportation of the Milwaukee Brewers’ newest racing sausage, Chorizo

I bow down to the Cheddarsphere’s King Comic. We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!

July 24, 2006

Road builders the latest to buy Craps

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This morning’s Journtinel reports that executives with HNTB gave Gov. Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) $17,684. I suspect that it’s for future considerations because their second-biggest payday (a no-bid $685,000 contract to build came before Craps came to town, and their biggest (co-design of the Marquette Interchange) straddled the timeline.

Oh, and this fresh $17,000+ comes less than a year after the #2 official at WDOT held a highly-questionable barbeque fundraiser for Craps that HNTB officials attended.

Revisions/extensions (1:36 pm 7/24) – Brian reminds us that while the original $600,000 contract was indeed approved under the McCallum administration, it was under the Craps administration that gave final approval to the overrun-plagued site.

July 22, 2006

Efforts to battle comment spam

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I have installed a captcha device. Hated to do it, but I’m tired of having to go through 200+ spam comments a day from bots that figured out how to leave comments.

July 21, 2006

Why I don’t accept ads #511

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In this morning’s KOKO Puffs edition of DUmmie FUnnies, PJ-Comix chronicles the rebellion of the KOmmies over at Daily Kos over the Head KOmmie’s running of ads for a primary opponent of Gwen Moore’s rolemodel, Cynthia McKinney (No Respect-Loserville). The KOmmies are completely bonkers, and PJ attributes that to McKinney’s refusal to buy ads. However, if memory serves, if an outlet accepts paid political advertising from one source, it must accept paid political advertising from all sources.

July 17, 2006

Milwaukee Shooting Gallery hits close to MJS, MJS finally wakes up

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Could the fact that this double-homicide happened right across the street from the Fourth Estate at 4th (and 3rd) and State be the reason why it wasn’t buried in the “News in Brief” like every other murder in Milwaukee, instead receiving the full-blown teaser on the front page and huge story on the front of the Metro section treatment?

July 15, 2006

TCF Bank Air Show

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One word describes it, especially the Thunderbirds – AWESOME!

If you missed it, Fred has some stock video of the Thunderbirds, and Patrick has at least 1 shot and possibly some video from today’s performance. Of course, I never did run into either of them, though I did run into The Asian Badger.

Now, don’t miss it tomorrow, even if it will be hotter tomorrow.

Revisions/extensions (12:30 pm 7/16) – Patrick was way too far north (he was about at the North Point snack bar), Aaron was only slightly too far west (though he has some rather extensive video), and both Fred and Dad29 were too far south (in addition to his pics, Fred has some live video of the Thunderbirds).

If you didn’t go yesterday, and you can dig up some sunscreen and a lot of water (trust me or at least the back of my neck and knees, you’ll need both), it’s not too late to go today. The US Army Golden Knights parachute team will be going about 1:50, and the Thunderbirds start up about 3:30. In between, there’s also an F-15 (I suspect it’s the -E Strike Eagle model because the narrator said it could handle 9 G’s, and they did have a crew of 2) that duets with a P-51D at the end of its run (that’s on one of Aaron’s videos), and an F/A-18F Super Hornet that duets with a F-6F Hellcat (though it looked a lot more like a F-4U Corsair to both the Asian Badger and me) at the end of its run.

July 14, 2006

I wonder if Kimberly-Clark is interested in some slightly-used paper

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The Lawgivers-In-Black (LIBs) of the Craps-packed Wisconsin Supreme Court just ruled that the state Constitution once again is worth nothing more than toilet paper, saying in a 4-3 decision written by Loophole Louis Butler (the packee) that no portion of the Constitution or previous SCOW decisions apply to Indian casinos or Governor Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale). To wit, Craps and the Indians can offer whatever games they agree to, including new ones never before contemplated.

Tell me again why the “R”PW didn’t oppose Pat Crooks.

July 13, 2006

Wile E. Graber (suuuper genius) off to the Czech Republic

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President Bush best hope that Rick Graber is a better ambassador than party chair. Let’s see what “accomplishments’ Graber has since becoming the “R”PW chair in 1999:

  • Didn’t come up with a credible candidate against Nobody’s Senator in 2000.
  • Did nothing as Algore and the ‘Rats stole Wisconsin in 2000.
  • Abandoned, along with the Thomspon boys, Scott McCallum in 2002, giving us Gov. Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale).
  • Put up the bad Biskupic for AG in the same election, which begat Keg Goldschlager.
  • After the Pubbies managed to gain control of the state Senate on the tax-freeze message that the “R”PW ran away from in the governor’s race, he led the “R”PW in a 4-year-long smokescreened retreat from that message.
  • Abandoned the “surprise” winner of the 2004 Pubbie Senate primary, Tim Michels, allowing Russ el-Slimeroad (Moonbat-Al Qaeda) to run away with the election.
  • Did nothing as John “Ketchup Boy” Kerry and the ‘Rats stole Wisconsin in 2004.
  • Discouraged everybody except the semi-sane Lorge from running against Nobody’s Senator in 2006.

MediaMole over at FreeRepublic said it best:

This is clearly the “Peter Principle” at work.

Prague will return to Soviet control under his watch. It doesn’t matter that the Soviet Union no longer exists. He managed to get Doyle elected and Kohl re-elected, he can lose the Czech Republic.

Just helping out Josh

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Let’s see if this activates the trackback/pingback to his WordPress sandbox. Seems he’s ready to bail (will the last blogger off of BlogSpot, please turn off the lights).

It’s too late in the night to get all the way back into blogging tonight, so I’ll do some tomorrow, I promise.

Revisions/extensions (11:11 pm 7/13) – stuck the trackback URL in the “Trackbacks” box.

July 12, 2006

I’m still alive (barely)

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Just haven’t had the energy to do much blogging, especially when everybody else has been saying pretty much what I have been.

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