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Rogues Gallery, the Senate version

by @ 6:08 on May 5, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, WTPA.

As expected, the Wisconsin State Senate killed what was left of the Taxpayers Protection Amendment. NONE of them are blameless, as every Senator that was around (Spencer Coggs took a powder) ultimately voted to screw the taxpayers. That vote was sandwiched between the defeat of an attempt to slightly strengthen the TRA that came out of the Assembly by adding most segergated funds and the defeat of the original Grothman-written TPA. So, without further adieu, let’s start the pics:

The asshats who decided to just give up:
Alberta Darling
Glenn Grothman
Ted Kanavas (up for re-election this year)
Neal Kedzie (up for re-election this year)
Mary Lazich
Joe Leibham (up for re-election this year)
Tom Reynolds (up for re-election this year)
Dale Schultz (up for re-election this year)
Cathy Stepp (the seat is up this year, but she’s leaving the Senate)
Dave Zien (up for re-election this year)

The RINOs who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for local limits:
Mike Ellis (up for re-election this year)
Alan Lasee (up for re-election this year)

A clueless idiot who has no idea how to vote on any given issue (case in point, he voted for the state-and-local TPA but against strengthening the state-only TPA):
Scott Fitzgerald (Chris, I think I hear his seat calling you; he is up for re-election this year)

Finally, the RepubicRATs who think, like every single DemocRAT, that taxes still are too low in Wisconsin:
Ronald Brown (up for re-election this year)
Robert Cowles
Sheila Harsdorf
Dan Kapanke
Luther Olsen
Carol Roessler

Just as a friendly reminder, for those of you living in an “odd” Senate district, you can start circulating your nomination papers to enter a primary June 1. They have to be back to the State Elections Board, along with some other paperwork (checklist here), by 5 pm July 11th. You only need 400-800 signatures.

For the “Republican” Party of Wisconsin, I have a challenge for you. Either support primary opponents of the career politicians above and in my original Rogues Gallery who actually supports the “R”PW platform, or adopt the DPW tax-and-spend socialistic economic platform at your convention. Don’t lie to us conservatives any longer.

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