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R.I.P. Wisconsin Taxpayer Relief (2002-2006)

by @ 7:12 on May 5, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, WTPA.
  • Born 2002 to then-Gov. Scott McCallum, who proposed the end to state aid to localities, with a freeze on local taxes, as a solution to the structural deficits he inherited from Tommy Thompson.
  • Killed 2002 by Assemby Pubbies who wanted to continue the expensive fund transfers.
  • Resurrected 2002 by the voters, who voted in a Pubbie majority in the Senate and extended the Pubbie majority in the Assemby by electing tax-freeze candidates like Mark Honadel (who won in a district dominated by the ‘Rats the last 80 years). Renamed TABOR.
  • Buried by then-Senate Majority “Leader” Mary Panzer in 2004. Panzer promptly got buried by her constituents by a late entry by Glenn Grothman, who campaigned on TABOR.
  • TABOR killed again by the traitorous election of Sgt. Dale Schultz (I know nassink-No Talk Radio Here) as Senate Majority “Leader” in 2005.
  • Various tax-freeze languages in the state budget killed by Gov. Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) 2003-2005.
  • Re-resurrected as a weakened WTPA in 2006 by Grothman (who only took a full year to come up with something).
  • Local revenue limits killed by the Assembly 2006. A Swiss-cheese state-only version barely survived the Assembly, faces certain death in the Senate.
  • State-only limits killed by the Senate 2006.

Time to start job- and house-hunting out of state.

Revisions/extensions – The Senate made the death of Wisconsin Taxpayer Relief official yesterday. The whole lot of them are asshats. I hope to be out of this tax hell by the end of the year.

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