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Jessica whacks amnesty like a rotted pinata

by @ 10:43 on May 25, 2006. Filed under Immigration.

First, she serves up the item that the INS will not go after one J. Carmen Navarette (the brother of the illegal alien who did a couple “jobs” Americans wouldn’t by robbing a bank and shooting it out with Waukesha police), despite the fact he admitted to the press he’s here illegally, sought to acquire his brother’s liquor license, and is in the phone book because they “can’t” identify him, he didn’t appear to break further laws, and he “might” have moved on. What makes me think the INS won’t start enforcing deportation laws against illegal aliens when the number temporarily drops to nearly zero after we give most of the 12 million amnesty-“lite”?

Next, she exploded the “didn’t appear to break further laws”, finding out that J. Carmen Navarette appeared to break state of Wisconsin tax laws. Why am I not surprised, and why won’t I be surprised when the INS continues to refuse to try to deport Navarette?

Finally, she questions whether those pushing for amnesty-“lite” will start pushing for deportations when the predictable happens, and many of those 12 million they want to give amnesty to refuse to follow those rules, with some claiming poverty and others simply staying underground. My prediction – this becomes amnesty-“heavy”, with all the hoops removed.

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