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Craps tax anti-freeze-year 2 begins to sublimate again

by @ 6:21 on May 24, 2006. Filed under Politics, Taxes.

Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale), on his wholesale rewriting of the tax freeze put into the budget by Legislative Republicans in July 2005 (a rewrite that specifically exempted unelected taxing authorities like technical college districts), as quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel“‘The result of the freeze that I will sign will be that the average property tax on the average home will not go up at all next year, and will actually go down $5’ in December 2006.”

The Milwaukee Area Technical College proposed 2006 tax levy increase, after a 6.3% levy increase in 2005 – 5% (or $6.3 million, with a minimum of $2.2 million and potentially as much as $4.4 million going to increased compensation for the already-overpaid teachers), which the Journtinel helpfully points out is well above the rate of inflation.

Tell me again why every single elected DemocRAT, and the RepublicRATs and RINOs in my Rogues Galleries believe that it isn’t necessary to restrain the taxing authority of unelected taxing bodies?

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