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The Great Wisconsin Divide, the condensed version

by @ 8:47 on April 10, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

Joey has an “interesting” quote from an outstate Pubbie which goes a very long way in explaining certain actions by the RPW since 1998 –

First, this person called Southeast Republicans “nutso.”

Then, this representative declared, “There are three parties in this state. There are normal Republicans, normal Democrats, and Charlie Sykes Stormtroopers. He says jump, they ask ‘how high?'”

I humbly submit these as the differences between the 3 parties:

  • The Charlie Sykes “Stormtroopers” (er, we’re actually Jedis) are conservatives.
  • The ‘Rats don’t care one bit if they break the law or laws are broken on their behalf.
  • “Normal” outstate “Pubbies” want lawful liberalism implemented.

I’ll be back this afternoon to tie Tommy Thompson’s latest ruminations on running for governor again into this. A preview message for Mark Green; damn the “R”PW, full speed to starboard.

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