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Rogues gallery

by @ 6:37 on April 28, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, WTPA.

Sorry about being absent the last few weeks. First, taxes got me, then allergy season kicked off with a bang. I think I finally stocked up on enough FIB pseudophedrine to see me through, though. In honor of the resounding “FUCK YOU!” delivered to us taxpayers by the RepubicRATs and RINOs of the Assembly, I have assembled a photo album of sorts. Remember these faces. Remember these names. Remember them well, especially on September 12.

First up, the RepubicRATs who can’t even stand a weak spending limit on just state gubmint:        
Joan Ballweg
Robin Kreibich
Terri McCormick (who was hoping that the “R”PW would now back her with her true lieberal colors flying)
Lee Nerison
Alvin Ott
Jerry Petrowski

Next, the RINOs who think that local taxes aren’t high enough:
John Ainsworth
Sheryl Albers
Brett Davis
Stephen Freese
Curt Gielow
Eugene Hahn
J.A. Hines
Judy Krawczyk
Andy Lamb
Gabe Loeffelholz
Terry Moulton
Jeffrey Moursau
Terry Musser
Carol Owens
Mark L. Pettis
Debi Towns
John F. Townsend
Gregg Underheim
Karl Van Roy
David Ward
Steve Wieckert

Revisions/extensions: After reading Owen’s comments on the disaster that happened, I took Frank Lasee, Stephen Nass and Leah Vukmir off the rogues gallery. They recognized faster than I did what a complete disaster the WTRA (I’ll let you figure out what the “R” stands for – hint, it’s a 4-letter word) has become.

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