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More catching-up

by @ 8:02 on April 28, 2006. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Let’s see what else happened the 2+ weeks I semi-voluntatily took off:

  • All 3 cops charged in the beating of Frank Jude got off scot-free. There goes E. Michael McCan’t’s perfect record in jury trials. Guess he overestimated the intelligence of the jury in bringing up cop after cop who obeyed the police version of “No Snitchin'”. US Attorney Steve “Hang’em” Biskupic quickly convened a federal investigation. Who wants to bet that if Tom Schneider were the US Attorney instead of Biskupic, half of Milwaukee would have been a charred ruin by now?
  • Despite a recommendation from McCan’t’s office that the Milwaukee 4 get only probation for willfully attempting to fix the 2004 Presidential election, the judge gave all 4 moderate Huber law sentences. Predictably, the black “leaders” cried racism, despite the fact that 1 of the 4 is white.
  • Speaking of racism, don’t you dare accuse Barbara Boxer (the local one, not the one from Kalifornica) of it, despite the fact her group barred 2 men, one of them black, from a womens-only conference on racism, and her defense that she’s allowed to do that because she’s a caring lieberal broad.
  • Matt Kenseth got the points lead in NASCAR Nextel Cup, lost it, and got it back again. Beware the Bees this year.
  • After a nice, hot start, the Brew Crew fell apart. UNNNNGGGGHHH!!!!!!
  • Incredibly, the emasculated Milwaukee County “Ethics” Board found a new special prosecutor to pursue a slimmed-down case against the ethically-challenged County Board chair Lee “Thug” Holloway.
  • Aaron got halfway off the oft-derailed Blogger train. He’s still using the Blogger software, but he does have his own site (the link’s fixed over on the right). Come on, Aaron. WordPress is a LOT more flexible, and it is as easy to use as Blogger.
  • The invaders continue to make a lot of noise even as they get closer to getting amnesty without border controls.

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of it.

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