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The MMSD damage is in

by @ 9:39 on March 17, 2006. Filed under MMSD - The Crap People.

The Journal Sentinel reports that MMSD, The Crappy Water People™, dumped an estimated 3.27 million gallons of sewage as a result of Monday’s March rain. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 2.7 million gallons of raw sewage from the combined sewer system, one of 6 such dumpings allowed by the DNR.
  • 570,000 gallons of really-raw sewage from a separate waste-only sewer in St. Francis. This dumping, illegal under both the state permit to MMSD and federal law, was, according to the MMSD the result of a bottleneck from leaky sewers in St. Francis and Cudahy. They hope that a relief sewer scheduled to be constructed starting this fall will eliminate that.

Just remember, that 2.7 million “allowed” gallons is 2.7 million gallons more than you or I am allowed to dump overboard if we’re out fishing and a sudden call to nature happens.

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