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One UGLY week

by @ 18:35 on March 25, 2006. Filed under The Blog.

Sorry about the lack of posts. Let’s see what all went wrong this week:

– The South (I refuse to call it Atlanta) regional continued to be my Regional of Doom; I lost my national champion Duke out of there, and I will finish under .500 for the tourney.

– My unplanned computer upgrade didn’t go as smooth as planned. Had some power issues that I think I finally solved by locking the voltages and frequencies at what they should be instead of letting the system adjust them at will.

– Scott Walker dropped out of the governor’s race. More on that in a bit.

– I’ve been getting some spam comments sneaking through my anti-spam defenses. I’d rather not have to make everybody register to comment here, but if I must, I will.

(Revisions/extensions) – Forgot to mention the bad sensor on my car, which I did mention on Monday. At least that was under warranty, though my 15,000-mile checkup wasn’t.

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