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Lieberalism infects even small-town Wisconsin

by @ 9:33 on March 10, 2006. Filed under Compassionate Lieberals, Law and order, Politics, Presstitute Follies.

Chris of On The BorderLine and BadgerBlogAlliance (side note: That gives us 2 Chrises. We have to find better way than posting the Russian for Field Marshall for the Spotted Horse one) brings us the sordid tale of the happenings in Hudson. It all started with a series of actions a bunch of pro-Big School thugs, both private citizens and police officers acting under the color of law, took against their opponents. A citizen finally wrote the local paper, the Hudson Star Observer, only to have it heavily edited. First, the fill-in editor claimed that the “letter contained many items that had been brought up before”, then told the person, “I’m just not going to take anymore criticism from you.” Today, the disturbing truth came out; it was Hudson Police Chief Dick Trende that edited the letter with full permission of the HSO.

Un-<expletive deleted>-believable. That’s right; you have the police department heavily involved in intimidation of those exercising their political rights, then the police chief actively censors the speech of someone brave enough to speak up. This isn’t Havana, or Beijing, or even Thug Holloway’s Milwaukee County and Captain Ahab’s Dane County, that we’re talking about. This is small-town Americana. Just un-<expletive deleted>-believable.

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