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Listen up, RINOs, RepublicRATs and the RPW (warning, strong language)

by @ 8:53 on February 19, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, WTPA.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the language. I would have prefered not to type this at all, or at least not do it on a Sunday, but what has to be done has to get done.

Just in case you grabasstic pieces of puke didn’t get the gentle message from Owen and Peter and Patrick (added 9:36 am 2/19), the not-so-gentle messages from Поле Выстраивает Chris of the Glorious Guards Shock Army (that would be Russian for Field Marshall; added 10:05 am 2/19) and the tomato-chucking Dad29, who also chucks out that thanks to gubmint, the early-1970s standard of living supported by the average 1-earner income of $41,700 (constant 2005 dollars for all figures)/year ($1,600/month spending cash after taxes, mortgage, insurance and utilities) now takes 2 earners and more than $73,000/year (added 7:11 am 2/20), and the vote-with-our-feet threat from Clint (added 6:18 am 2/20) to not fuck with WTPA, let me put it on the line for you primitive screwheads. We of the base have been agitating for strong controls on taxes and spending for years because asshats like yourselves seem to think that our wallets are bottomless wells you can dip your greedy fingers into whenever the hell you feel like buying yourselves the next election. We ousted Mary “Panzy” Panzer because she wouldn’t even allow a vote on TABOR. We thought you buttheads would get the message that we were serious about this; it’s beginning to look like we were mistaken.

The best thing you can do is pass WTPA as-is or somehow find the backbone to actually strengthen it. If you do that, everything will be golden, kapish?

However, Owen’s spies are saying that you numbnuts are looking to water it down even further than letting the Miller Park and Lambeau Field boards off the hook. Let me explain what is going to happen to you suckies if WTPA is either watered down or dies altogether. We in the base are going to vote each and every one of you children of bitches out of office. If we have to remove you knuckleheads, it no longer matters to us whether we’re successful in removing you in the primary election or in the general election. While we would prefer to do it in the primaries so that the state government doesn’t officially fall into the hands of the DemocRATs, the fact that you are governing just like the ‘RATs means that your threats of, “The sky will fall if the ‘RATs get control!” ring hollow. The sky IS falling, and as you are the party allegedly in complete control of the Legislature, you are in a unique position to stop it. If you fail, we will lump you in with the ‘RATs you seem to want to be when you grow up and exterminate your terms accordingly and with extreme prejudice.

Know this: with or without you, we will make a strong WTPA happen. We would strongly prefer to see it happen in time for the 2008 Presidential election, but if it doesn’t, your W2 money is going to run out as we bring it to a referrendum, and you’ll be wishing you made it happen. Our patience ran out when you fucked us over on TABOR; our full and furious anger will be felt if you fuck us over on WTPA.

Choose wisely, and you’ll be in power after 2006. Choose poorly, and you will watch this maxim come true – “You fuck with us, we’ll fuck you up.”

I DID warn you again and again and again about the language, so if you have a problem with it, run home and cry to mama.

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