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Fuck you, Tony; fuck you, NA$$¢AR

by @ 15:47 on February 19, 2006. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Tony Stewart intentionally wrecked Matt Kenseth, and all he got was a trip to the back of the longest line. Kenseth gave Stewart a piece of his mind, and he got a black flag as they threw the green flag to restart, then NA$$¢AR said he didn’t serve it, so they put him another lap down.


Revisions/extensions – Kenseth managed to get both of his laps back, but only got back to, at least unofficially at this point, 15th. We had a Green-White-Caution finish, and there were several different versions. The same version put Stewart 5th.

Further revisions/extensions – Near the end of the race, Kyle Busch pulled almost the same move on Stewart that Stewart pulled on Kenseth (only differences, no contact and no wreck). NASCAR gave Kyle a black flag to serve a pass-through penalty, but he stayed out an extra lap just like Kenseth. At the end of that extra lap, there was another caution. So, instead of serving either a pass-through penalty or not having that lap scored, Busch got the same “punishment” as Stewart – tail end of the longest line. Pure horseshit.

Oh, and just in case the tape wasn’t conclusive enough to determine that Stewart did his stunt intentionally to wreck Kenseth, he cleared that up in his post-race interview. He did do it intentionally to “finish it”. NA$$¢AR needs to park his ass for a couple races, defending champ and Heel Golden Boy status be damned.

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