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Potential replacements for Doyle in the 2006 election

by @ 16:05 on January 26, 2006. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Mark Belling pointed out that there is a slim possibility that Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) will either be convicted of a felony before November 7 (and thus ineligible to appear on the ballot) or be so tainted from Wisconsin’s own Travelgate and daughter scandals that the DPW dumps him. He mentioned Ron Kind and Tom Barrett as possible replacements. Kind has the benefit of being a complete blank slate and having a nice-sounding name, while Barrett came closest to beating Doyle in the 2002 ‘Rat primary.

Of course, neither of them are Madistan ‘Rats, and that’s the group controlling the DPW. If that eventuality happens, they’ll likely advance Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton (another blank slate, and conveniently a Madistan ‘Rat).

Unfortunately, the wheels of justice won’t act that fast (indeed, the Milwaukee aldermen convicted by Steve Biskupic hung onto their seats after conviction until the US Marshalls physically hauled them off to prison), and Doyle’s ego won’t allow him to accept the inevitability of his defeat. Well, maybe, it’s not so unfortunate; I have this sinking feeling that Lawton would be even worse.

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