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Doyle to Adelman Travel – too bad you got caught, but thanks for the dough

by @ 15:08 on January 30, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

That’s the sum of the Journal Sentinel story that details the cancellation of the Adelman contract. Of course, if you only read the first six paragraphs, you would think that Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC-Potawatomi/For Sale) was a pious person. However, let’s start with paragraph #7 –

But (Jim) Doyle’s campaign will not refund $10,000 campaign gifts each from Adelman Travel founder Craig Adelman and Adelman Travel board member Mitch Fromstein – the maximum gifts allowed by law to candidates for governor. Until giving Doyle’s campaign $10,000, Adelman had never given more than $1,000 to a candidate for governor.  

(Dan) Leistikow (communications director for the governor) said the donations were legal, publicly disclosed as required by state law. He said that indictment of Thompson, a $77,341-a-year civil servant, did not question or suggest anything improper with the donations by Adelman and Fromstein to the governor’s campaign.

"I looked at the charges from the U.S. attorney very closely, and there was nothing to suggest Craig Adelman or Mitchell Fromstein did anything wrong," Doyle said.

Well, then, why did Craps feel compelled to yank the contract? Why did Adelman suddenly feel compelled to increase his contribution level an order of magnitude? Can we get the “unconstitutional-games-forever-for-a-song” Indian compacts voided if we can get a prosecutor to link all the casino money to them?

Revisions/extensions (6:25 am 1/31) – either somebody at the MJS is reading this (yeah, right), or they had a slight change of heart in being Craps’ shill. The “will not refund” paragraph is now the second.

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