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Confirmed Senate “No” votes on AB15

by @ 13:14 on December 22, 2005. Filed under Miscellaneous.

This has been superceded by the January version.

Sat PM update #2 – still no word from Plale’s office, but James Wigderson has a handy chart up on who is and isn’t drinking the corn syrup, and he isn’t wasn’t buying Cathy Stepp’s conversion.

So far, we have exactly one 2 3 4 5 6 7 of the 17 we need to kill this awful excuse of a bill (but still no word from Plale as of 1 pm 12/22)

-Ted Kanavas (H/T –David – in the comments part of the link back to Badger Blogger)

– Neal Kedzie (H/T – James Wigderson)

– Mary Lazich (from both the comments by an anonymous source and James)

– Cathy Stepp, a former co-sponsor (thanks, Peter) – see, we can turn Senators back from the Dark Side.

– Tom Reynolds (H/T – LB2 – in the comments part in the link back to Badger Blogger)

– Joe Leibham (H/T – Kevin)

– Glenn Grothman (H/T – TomInWestBend – in the comments on the post from the Wigderson Library & Pub)

I’m still working on Jeff Plale (as of the Saturday AM update, still no word from Plale; it looks like he’s going East Side again), and GBfan’s working on Scott Fitzgerald. This will be updated as I get more info (a little bleg is in order; if your State Senator will be opposing AB15, let me know in the comments).

Tues early PM update – STILL no word from East Side Plale, but I added Tom Reynolds as a no.

Wed. early AM update – Joe Liebham is a “Solid No” according to Kevin. Time to send that certified letter to East Side Plale; still no response from his office (no, I won’t go up to his house with waffles and flip-flops like Chris Kliesmet did during the daytime, or bang on his windows after dark like Voces de la Frontera did to Sen. Stepp).

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