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December 31, 2005

Revisiting history – part 2

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This restatement of “Those who don’t remember history”, or its January version, will be at the top of the blog until AB15, the bad-ethanol-gas bill, is defeated (except for a temporary move one spot down during Christmas). Please look for the regular posts below.

How appropriate it is that the penultimate reaction to the first episode happened 232 years ago December 16th. A politically-connected industry finds itself with a massive amount of product that it can’t sell. It goes to the government to get a monopoly in a new market to get rid of it and goes on to claim that it will actually cost less to do it that way. I am not talking about the East India Tea Company back in the 1770s (which led to the Boston Tea Party and ultimately the creation of the United States of America), but ethanol in 2005. That’s right, the Assembly forgot its history and crammed AB15, the bill mandating the more-expensive, less-efficient, more-polluting, GM-engine-killing statewide E10 gasoline mandate through the day the day before the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

There is at least one more chance to stop this, and likely just that one more chance. This bill still has to go through the Senate (my list of semi-confirmed “no” votes here). If it makes it through, Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/ADM-Potawatomi) has already promised ADM that he would sign it. Those Senate staffers you called regarding the repeal of the automatic gas-tax increase are still there in Madison. Call them today! If you don’t have the number (for shame; you should still have it from the efforts to repeal the automatic gas-tax increase), go here to find your Senator and his or her phone number. I’ll be back tomorrow (12/16) with the response I get from my Senator, Jeff Plale (Madison phone # – (608) 266-7505).

Revisions/extensions part 1 – At least I planned on being back here today (12/16) with that info. I got Sen. Plale’s messaging service at 10:39 am 12/16, on which I urged him to oppose AB15 and invited him to give me a call back.

Revisions/extensions part 2 (8 am 12/17) – Still no sign from Plale (apparently, he’s going East Side on me again); and I got tired of re-bumping this to the top, hence the forwarding of the date to the last possible minute of the month.

Homer nod – I need a new calendar :-)

Reggie Bush sweepstakes – Week 17 (Sat. view)

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Last week, I gave you what must happen for the Packers to get the #1 pick outright. Well, Brook Bollinger disappointed again, and we’ve started the NFL weekend out right (the bookies might not agree if you followed my advice :-) So, I bring you the update after the Saturday games –

  • The Pack must lose to the Seahawks at home.
  • The Texans must beat the oh-so-close-to-2-in-a-row Niners in San Francisco.
  • The Saints must not lose in Tampa.
  • All of the following must happen to avoid a coin flip with the Texans (one tie can happen; anything more than one thing not happening gives the higher pick to the Texans):
    • The Jets choke to Buffalo at home.
    • Arizona does the expected and loses in Indianapolis.
    • Detroit lays an egg in Pittsburgh.
    • St. Louis ends Dallas’ playoff dreams. (Sorry James; we need this, and the odds say this will be a meaningless game anyway)
  • All of the following must happen to avoid a coin flip with the Jets assuming they lose (again, one tie can happen and anything more than one thing not happening gives the higher pick to the Jets) because the Raiders proved they’re the dumbest team ever (it fit with the dumbest announcing crew ever):
    • The OldBrowns go back to Cleveland and win.
    • The Bengals get cooked by the Ch(i)efs.
    • The Titans fall before Jacksonville.

Will the last business to leave Wisconsin please turn off the lights

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(H/T – Owen)

They don’t need power at the Wisconsin Supreme Court building. They ruled yesterday 4-3 that a teen with cerebal palsy allegedly caused by a lack of oxygen during birth and his family may continue with a lawsuit that was first filed when he was 11.

The usual gang of 4, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, Ann Walsh Bradley (the author), Patrick “Turncoat” Crooks (still no announced opponent for him, and he’s up for re-election in 2006) and “Loophole” Louis Butler (Steve Austin reminds us to “thank” the Pubbies for him over at B&S), said, “The Legislature has not provided a statute of limitations for claims against health care providers alleging injury to a developmentally disabled child. This determination is the only determination the court is able to reach without either rewriting the statutes or working an absurd and illogical result.”

David Prosser, the author of the dissent (joined by Jon Wilcox and Pat Roggensack), said, “The majority authorizes suit in this case more than 11 ½ years after the child’s alleged injury and boasts in doing so that it has avoided rewriting the statute. This is not judicial restraint.”

Owen has more.

NFL Week 17

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As Dandy Don said about Monday Night Football, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.” This is the last week for the regular season, but I’ll be around for the playoffs, where the money can really change hands. I’ll eventually recall how badly I’ve done the last few weeks, but for now, I’ll just go through the last 16 games of the regular season that will result in the Packers drafting 3rd.

Denver (+10.5) @ San Diego – I know Mike Shanahan’s resting his starters in this completely-meaningless game, but 10 1/2 points is too much to give. Now if this were the 5 1/2 that it started off at,….
NY Giants (-8) @ Oakland – The Raiders can’t even play spoilers right.
Cincinnati @ Kansas City (-7.5) – In the end, they’re the BenGALS.
Miami @ New England (-5.5) – Forecast for Foxboro – snow. That’ll cool off the Dullfins.
Buffalo (-1.5) @ NY Jets – Come on, say it with me!
Carolina (-3.5) @ Atlanta – Atlanta doesn’t spoil too well.
Detroit @ Pittsburgh (-13.5) – My pre-season pick for Super Bowl XL champs have their destiny in their hands. Fortunately, even I can hold that destiny against Dick Jauron.
Baltimore (-3) @ Cleveland – The OldBrowns defense isn’t what it used to be, but they still eat rookie QBs for lunch.
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (-13.5) – The Bucs control their own destiny, and except for Houston, so do the Saints. In short, lay the very heavy lumber.
Seattle (+4.5) @ Green Bay – Seattle’s 3rd string could beat this team. In fact, they probably will as Mike Holmgren pulls his 2nd string in the 4th.
Arizona @ Indianapolis (-6.5) – Arizona’s no Seattle, Denny Green’s no Holmgren, and this one is at home sweet dome.
Houston @ San Francisco (+1) – How in the hell are the Texans favored? They HAVE to lose this game (or hope against hope that New Orleans, the Jets and Green Bay win earlier in the afternoon) to win the Reggie Bush Sweepstakes.
Tennessee @ Jacksonville (-3.5) – I know not who’s starting at QB for the Jags, but I know who’s not going to win.
Chicago @ Minnesota (-4) – Expect one last heavy dose of Kyle “Jack” Orton. Bet accordingly.
Washington (-7.5) @ Philadelphia – If you made this prop bet that it would be the Redskins playing for a playoff spot instead of the Eagles at the beginning of the season, show me your stub.
St Louis (+12.5) @ Dallas – By the time they kick this one off, the game will be meaningless to everyone except gambling degenerates (so I’ll be watching closely).

December 30, 2005

Ten Worst Americans of all time

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(H/T – Ramjac7)

Alexandra von Maltzan of All Things Beautiful has issued a challenge to the blogosphere to come up with the 10 worst Americans of all time. Hmmm, so many choices, so little time. So, here’s my Bottom 10:

10. Bill Clinton – If he were dead, he would be far, far closer to the bottom (he just might redeem himself – yeah, right). Multiple chances to get Osama bin Laden in the 1990s, the Black Hawk Down fiasco, scandal after scandal after scandal, sending missile-launching and -targeting technology to the Red Chinese; in sum, a failed Presidency.

9. John Wilkes Booth – Thanks to him, we’ll never know if the Lincoln Plan for reconstituting the South into the Union would have worked. Instead, we were left with Andrew Johnson’s jack-booted methods, which we’re still suffering from.

8. Aaron Burr – Easily the worst Vice President in the history of the US. Killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel while VP, resigned in disgrace, and tried to set up a competing empire.

7. Joe Kennedy – Staunch isolationist, Hitler sympathizer, and he gave us John, Robert and Ted Kennedy.

6. Andrew Johnson – Instituted said jack-booted Reconstruction, and so corrupt he became the first President impeached (he survived by a single vote in the Senate).

5. John Walker Jr. – He gets the nod over Aldrich Ames because had the Cold War gone hot, his handover of our communications codes would have cost FAR more lives than Aldrich’s sale of operatives to the Soviets.

4. Jeffrey Dahmer – No “Worst” list is complete without at least one mass-murderer, and perhaps because Dahmer did his work in Milwaukee, he’s the NRE’s representative.

3. Nathan Bedford Forrest – Founded the Ku Klux Klan after being a Confederate general. Robert “Sheets” Byrd (D-West Virginia) thanks you.

2. Earl Warren – Before the infamous Warren Court, he was the driving force behind the Japanese internment camps.

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Father of the welfare state, enough of an egomaniac to serve more than 3 terms and force a term limit on the Presidency (when no other office of federal government, even the Vice Presidency, is term-limited), enabled J. Edgar Hoover, extended the Great Depression into WWII, good friend of Iosef Stalin (in fact, his shadow involvement in WWII only was apparent after the Soviet Union got invaded), approving said Japanese internment camps. Not even the successful conclusion to WWII can save him from the bottom of the list.

December 26, 2005

Wisconsin’s Christmas present to those with colds

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Running into a guy from church looking for relief from a head cold at a local Walgreen’s while shopping for batteries (not a 24-hour one with a 24-hour pharmacy department, though I live virtually next to one of those) got me to thinking of the utter stupidity of requiring a pharmacist to get you cold medicine. What if you got a cold late Christmas Eve and didn’t have easy access to one of those 24-hour-pharmacy Walgreen’s? You would have been suffering for close to 2 days just so that various politicians from the bipartisan Party of Gubmint can feel good about themselves.

“Thank” you, Party of Gubmint (feel free to substitute another word for “thank”).

The Reggie Bush Sweepstakes – Week 16

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For those of you dreaming about the #1 overall pick for the Pack and Reggie Bush in the Green and Gold (assuming that “Genius” Thompson doesn’t frag it up and take Tony Mandarich Jr.), here is what must happen for the Packers (3-12) to get the #1 pick outright from fellow contenders Houston Texans (2-13), New Orleans Saints (3-12) and New York Jets (3-11; playing tonight) (I don’t know how tiebreakers beyond the initial Strength of Schedule apply to teams from different conferences), assuming that the Jets lose to the Patriots tonight (the Jets are 7-point home dogs) –

  • The Pack must lose to the Seahawks at home.
  • The Texans must beat the oh-so-close-to-2-in-a-row Niners in San Francisco (the Niners’ SoS is too strong).
  • The Saints must not lose in Tampa (the Saints will finish with a worse SoS than the Pack).
  • All of the following must happen (one tie can happen; two ties or one thing completely opposite will trigger further tiebreakers with the Texans):
    • The Jets choke to Buffalo at home.
    • Arizona does the expected and lose in Indianapolis
    • St. Louis ends Dallas’ playoff dreams (sorry James; we need this).
    • Detroit lays an egg in Pittsburgh.
  • Assuming that the Jets lose both of their remaining games, 3 of these 4 things must happen (a tie counts as a half-not-happening, and we can have 3 of those):
    • The OldBrowns go back to Cleveland and win.
    • The Bengals get cooked by the C(h)iefs.
    • The Titans fall before Jacksonville.
    • The Giants take the night off in Oakland.

In short, root for the Seahags, Whiners, Aints, J-E-T-S SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! tonight but not next weekend, Bills, Colts, Lambs, Steelers, OldBrowns, Chefs, Jags and Raiders, and then demand a real GM before the draft. Simple as mud.

December 24, 2005

Have a Blessed Christmas

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Luke’s account of Jesus Christ’s birth, from Luke 2:1-12 (NIV), will be at the top of this blog through the end of Christmas Day.

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to his own town to register.

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem, the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

Week 16

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Let’s just forget that last weekend happened. For those of you confused by all the Saturday games, the NFL is only having 2 games on Christmas Day.

Tennessee @ Miami (-5.5) – It’s a record-setting year in the NFL, and Jeff Fisher will have his worst record with the franchise for Christmas.
Atlanta @ Tampa Bay (-3) – I fully agree with ESK – Vick is vastly overrated.
San Francisco (+9) @ St. Louis – Can anyone tell me why the Lambs are favored by 9?
San Diego (pick’em) @ Kansas City – The Chefs are D-O-N-E. Look for Vermiel to break down.
Pittsburgh (-7) @ Cleveland – Mmmm, rookie QB. Tastes like chicken. Go UNDER the 33.
NY Giants (+3) @ Washington – The luck has just run out on the Redskins (again).
Jacksonville (-6) @ Houston – Ignore the history; Houston does not want to draft 2nd.
Detroit vs New Orleans (-3) @ San Antonio – Game of the Weak; ALWAYS bet against Harrington.
Dallas @ Carolina (-5) – I hope we got all the sharp objects out of James’ house after last week’s debacle.
Buffalo (-13.5) @ Cincinnati – Too many points.
Philadelphia (+1) @ Arizona – There are only 3 teams the Cards could beat in their final game at Sun Devil Stadium; unfortunately, the Eaglets aren’t one of them.
Oakland @ Denver (-13) – Lay the Rocky Mountain Lumber.
Indianapolis (+9.5) @ Seattle – Hot tip; go way, way OVER the 44.
Chicago (-7) @ Green Bay – I hope you opened your presents early; the Packed-it-ins have given us lumps of coal. I just hope that the Bears don’t give Favre an injury.
Minnesota @ Baltimore (-3) – CBS is very grateful that they don’t have a Christmas Day game to broadcast considering that there are 2 weak games.
New England (-5.5) @ NY Jets – No wonder why ABC wanted out of MNF; these late-season games have been turkeys. This last one (there is no MNF game next week) will be no different.

ABP issued for GBfan – update, GBfan’s retired

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Both of his personal blogs, Spotted Horse and McDonalds’ of the World (using another pseudonym) have disappeared from Blogspot. Spotted Horse is a wild ride, conservative, with a Russian bent, and he just declared a Christmas truce with the Waukesha County Board (why do I get the feeling they didn’t honor it?); and you can’t miss the golden arches of McDonalds’ of the World. If seen, please contact this post.

Update – per an e-mail from GBfan, he’s retired from blogging. Sad to see him go and so suddenly.

December 23, 2005

Ad of the year

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(H/T – The Blogfather)

Go, watch, then thank a soldier.

Bend over again, Milwaukee

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Jeff Wagner just relayed a story from the Small Business Times that East Side Plale and Jeff Stone plan on introducing a bill to transfer control of Gen. Mitchell International Airport from Milwaukee County to a new regional authority (presumably completely unelected) for the purpose of finding new revenue for the airport. Haven’t we learned from the sagas of MMSD, MATC, the Miller Park Board and the Wisconsin Center District Board (just to name the non-elected taxing authorities I live under) that this is a VERY bad idea from the view of taxpayers?

December 22, 2005

Confirmed Senate “No” votes on AB15

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This has been superceded by the January version.

Sat PM update #2 – still no word from Plale’s office, but James Wigderson has a handy chart up on who is and isn’t drinking the corn syrup, and he isn’t wasn’t buying Cathy Stepp’s conversion.

So far, we have exactly one 2 3 4 5 6 7 of the 17 we need to kill this awful excuse of a bill (but still no word from Plale as of 1 pm 12/22)

-Ted Kanavas (H/T –David – in the comments part of the link back to Badger Blogger)

– Neal Kedzie (H/T – James Wigderson)

– Mary Lazich (from both the comments by an anonymous source and James)

– Cathy Stepp, a former co-sponsor (thanks, Peter) – see, we can turn Senators back from the Dark Side.

– Tom Reynolds (H/T – LB2 – in the comments part in the link back to Badger Blogger)

– Joe Leibham (H/T – Kevin)

– Glenn Grothman (H/T – TomInWestBend – in the comments on the post from the Wigderson Library & Pub)

I’m still working on Jeff Plale (as of the Saturday AM update, still no word from Plale; it looks like he’s going East Side again), and GBfan’s working on Scott Fitzgerald. This will be updated as I get more info (a little bleg is in order; if your State Senator will be opposing AB15, let me know in the comments).

Tues early PM update – STILL no word from East Side Plale, but I added Tom Reynolds as a no.

Wed. early AM update – Joe Liebham is a “Solid No” according to Kevin. Time to send that certified letter to East Side Plale; still no response from his office (no, I won’t go up to his house with waffles and flip-flops like Chris Kliesmet did during the daytime, or bang on his windows after dark like Voces de la Frontera did to Sen. Stepp).

Exhibit Y in opposing light rail

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Amid the NYC transit strike (BTW, real “great” move to squeeze even more of what you don’t deserve, transit unions), OpinionJournal brings us the saga of light rail in Seattle. Except for the earthquakes and a brighter populace), this could easily be Milwaukee.

December 21, 2005

For those that still consider Ted Thompson to be a “genius”…

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…take a look at the NFC Pro Bowl roster. Number of Packers on it – 0. Number of players let go by Mr. Genius on it – 2.

Bob Harlan, clean house.

Un-scientific polls of the day

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And they both involve Wisconsin’s own Russ el-Slimeroad (Al-Qaeda). First up, Jessica asks whether el-Slimeroad has a realistic shot at the 2008 ‘Rat nomination (1 yes, a heap of no choices). Next, Dad29 asks which El Foldo was more embarrassing; the Packed-it-ins Monday Night Foldo or el-Slimeroad’s on national security.

December 20, 2005

Something you won’t see in the LeftStream Media – Feingold’s campaign finances

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Once again, bloggers do what the LeftStream Media won’t. This time, it’s Jessica that takes a look at Russ Feingold’s (there is a reason why I am not using my slang name of el-Slimeroad, even though he richly deserves it) campaign finances the last few years. The highlights:

– Feingold spent a state-record $11.2 million ($1.5 million in out-of-state funds) to get re-election (Tim Michels, the RPW-abandoned opponent, spent $5.5 million with $0.3 million from outside Wisconsin). BTW, that was the 10th-most-expensive Senate race in the country.

– Amount raised by Feingold between 1992 (when he first ran and won his Senate seat) and 2002 (when the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Lieberal Protection Act passed): $7 million. Amount raised since 2002: $11 million.

I’ll throw a couple of mostly-remembered tidbits from the 1998 campaign against Mark Neumann (the RPW-abandoned candidate that year). First, there was a coordinated special-interest sliming of Neumann shortly after the primaries that Feingold piously denied having any part of (in fact, he claimed he was taking the “high road”, hence my calling him Slimeroad), with at least one Milwaukee TV station (IIRC, it was WISN) airing those commercials for several days after Feingold asked they be pulled. One little problem; those ads would have run afoul of McCain-Feingold had it been law at that point, and Feingold was pushing for his Lieberal Protection Act back then.

Second, there was this little matter of late reporting of some last-minute out-of-state cash so el-Slimeroad didn’t have to worry about breaking his pledge to limit out-of-state cash. Never mind that the influx ended up only putting him at the cusp of breaking that pledge; because the Clintonistas ran the US Attorneys offices (it would have been a federal case if pursued), he only had to worry about the bad press from the appearance of breaking that pledge.

Voces de la Frontera’s defense shredded

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The Racine Journal Times instantly put up the pap that the pro-invasion group Voces de la Frontera spewed forth in defense of their invasion of the Stepp homestead (golly; you think they might have an agenda?). Peter shreds said pap much better than I could.

One thing I need to add to the commentary on this particularily-putrid tripe – “Her position on this bill is a slap in the face to the Latino community. This bill also forces everyone else to assume the risks associated with unlicensed drivers on the roads.” – Voces de la Frontera’s position on this bill is a slap in the face, a thumb in the eye, and a raised middle finger to every legal Wisconsin resident. Why couldn’t they use their Mexican licenses; oh that’s right, that would expose the invaders as such.

Fred once again does more work than the entire staffs of 2 “major” newspapers

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This RDW post exposes the lies of Voces de la Frontera’s and the Racine Domincans’ claims that Sen. Cathy Stepp and her staff had not met with them in discussions regarding AB69. To wit, there were no less than 3 meetings between Stepp’s staff and those opposed to AB69, including 2 at which VdlF was represented and 1 where the RDs were represented, and a 5-hour public hearing which Stepp was at on AB69 the day before VdlF decided to take after the invaders they advocate for and, well, invaded Stepp’s property.

Journal Sentinel wakes up from their slumber

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On page B3 of this morning’s edition (at least if they didn’t spike it at the last minute – it’s in Metro South, which includes Racine, butthey did spike it from the Waukesha edition per Ramjac7; no confirmed word on whether it is in the state, Oz/Wash or Metro North editions), they finally got around to covering the Cathy Stepp/Voces de la Frontera story. Got some good news on the bill; AB69 made it out of the Senate’s Committee on Natural Resources and Transportation on a 4-1 vote. Stepp, Neal Kedzie, Dan Kapanke and Robert Wirch voted for it (thus making it a bipartisan vote), while Roger Breske believes you should need a passport to board a plane or enter a federal building because he believes that illegal invaders should continue to get Wisconsin driver’s licenses.

Oh, and Christine Neumann-Ortiz, you showed your true colors by rounding up your troops and invading Sen. Stepp’s property after dark. Some people might have dialed up 12-GAUGE instead of 911 on your sorry ass.

And the unwieldy blogroll keeps growing

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Please welcome Inside the Beaver’s Dam to the not-so-short-anymore-order blogroll.

December 19, 2005

Update on the Cathy Stepp story

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For those that missed her interview with Jeff Wagner, a group of at least 10 activists, some with faces concealed, parked their vehicles on the road outside her rural house, walked up the 500 or so feet to her house, and banged on her windows in a blatant attempt to intimidate her to vote against AB69. Fortunately, her husband was home to confront the group, which left the property once they were informed that the police were called. Fred of RealDebateWisconsin appeared after her, and did a bang-up job. Odds are that Patrick will have the audio up shortly (of course, I went 5-10 in the NFL this weekend against the line, so take that for what it’s worth).

On the presstitute front, the Journal Sentinel finally mentioned this story on their DayWatch at 11:29 am (after Jeff was hyping the interview all morning), and the Journal Times finally got around to contacting Sen. Stepp today. Want to take bets on whether this makes the print version of the Milwaukee paint-catcher tomorrow, and if so, what editions it makes it in (you have your choice of state, Waukesha, Ozaukee/Washington, Metro North and Metro South, which includes Racine – and I get the Metro South)?

The 2008 Presidential horse race

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OpinionJournal’s Political Diary (sadly, they still don’t archive the daily e-mails, even for subscribers) reports on the latest National Journal “insider” polls (100 Pubbie insiders for the R nomination, 100 ‘Rat insiders for the D nomination). For those that think that John McCain (RINO-4th Estate) is the front-runner; guess again. He’s second to George Allen (R-Virginia) once again (he also trailed in April). The big news on the Pubbie side is the fall of Bill Frist (RINO-Tennessee); he fell from 3rd to 5th. Guess caving again and again and again isn’t what the party faithful want.

Over on the ‘Rat side, no surprise that Hillary is the runaway front-runner, but there’s some items of note as well. “Moderates” (relatively-speaking; they only play moderates in campaigns) tend to dominate the second-tier, led by Virginia governor Mark Warner, with only John “Two Americas” Edwards in that tier. Bringing up the rear guard like good Frenchies are Kerry, Gore, and Clark. No mention of Wisconsin’s own Russ el-Slimeroad.

The incident at Stepp’s home to have an airing

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Jeff Wagner will have State Sen. Cathy Stepp on right after the 1 pm news today to talk about what Voces de la Frontera did at her home Friday night. For those that can’t get WTMJ-AM (620 on the dial) on their radio, they do webcast.

Doyle to sign end to the auto-increasing gas tax, hell freezes over

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(H/T – Kevin)

Quite possibly the only true statement in the Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/ADM-Potawatomi) press release touting his signing of the end to the indexing of the gas tax is the first one (and then I won’t believe it until the ink is dry on his signature) – “Governor Jim Doyle today announced that he intends to sign legislation repealing Wisconsin’s automatic gas tax indexing.”

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