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Post-mortem; isn’t formaldehyde alcohol-based?

by @ 18:46 on November 27, 2005. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Once again, Favre costs the Packers. He had plenty of company (Thurman, Gado, R. Lee, KGB, Carroll, Roman, Bates for continuing to trust KGB on running plays, the special teams as a whole, the GM team nightmare of Thompson and Sherman for dredging up the horrid players on the roster, and the MASH unit they’re running). Now that we’re both officially eliminated from the NFC North and guaranteed a losing record, it’s time to clean house. Heck, with Houston winning, we might be in the running for the Reggie Bush sweepstakes again.

Meanwhile, the Deadfins shock the world by dismantling the Raiders 33-21, and I go to 8-4-1 on the week (and 8-3-1 on my Vegas picks), pending the results of the Giants/Seahawks game.

Revisions/extensions – Make that 9-4-1 on the week, 9-3-1 on the Vegas picks and 10-4 straight-up as the G-men can’t nail 3 field-goal attempts to win (2 in OT), and the ‘Hags pull it out in OT 24-21 (sadly, I had the Giants straight-up).

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