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Live-blogging Sunday Insight, the blogger edition

by @ 10:29 on November 27, 2005. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Joining me in live-blogging, Aaron of Subject to Change

10:00 – Charlie opens with a national look at what blogs (Rather, Miers, among others) did. Says in 1998, there were 23 blogs, in 2002-750,000 blogs, now-millions).
The panel, left to right, Jeff Mayers (WisPolitics/WisOpinion), John McAdams (Marquette Warrior), Charlie (Sykes Writes), Jessica McBride (McBride’s Media Matters), Owen (Boots and Sabers/Badger Blog Alliance). First question, “Who reads them?” Jessica – just about everybody. John – mainly Marquette types. Owen – mix of opinion-makers and average people. Jessica says that politicians are starting to court bloggers to amplify their messages.

Charlie asked Owen about how blogs are fact-checked. Owen says that it’s a building of trust and a meritocracy, and that bloggers are held accountable by their readers. Jessica and Jeff agree. Commercial.

10:11 – “How have blogs changed the mainstream media?” Jeff – there’s no technical hurdoe anymore, another alternative voice like talk radio keeping the media honest. Jessica – expounds on the alternative voice, saying it stays there after the host goes off the air; helps keep media honest. John – bloggers can keep the media on their toes. Owen – it’ll help the media better. Charlie – or transformed, talks about the younger generation who doesn’t pick up a newspaper. John – speeds up the media (“more blog-like”), talking about the Journal Sentinel’s coverage of Marquette’s name change.

What does this do to the papers? Jeff – “Papers provide a lot of fodder” for bloggers.” Jessica – Where’s the conservative columniss in the papers?

10:19 – The quick list (no links) – nope, No Runny Eggs isn’t there. Asking now about breaking news covered by blogs. Owen – lists John’s breaking of WRIT’s not playing CHRISTmas music, his breaking of the county van in Illinois. Says the media can’t cover everything. Jessica – lists a couple of things the media wouldn’t cover because of a double-standard (Walker’s call for the end of the automatic tax increase, Doyle’s barbecue). Charlie expounds on this. Jeff – “This is like the stock market” because it helps predict what will be big. Lists the blogs on WisOpinion (Xoff Files, Free Will). John, Charlie and Jeff – helps keep stories alive. Up next, “Winners and Losers”.

10:27 – Winners/Losers (sorry, they went too fast for my semi-limited typing skills). Somebody with faster fingers or TiVo will have it.

The first of probably several extensions/revisions; James notes that he got a mention. I also seem to recall Jiblog getting a mention.

2nd extension/revision – Patrick has a better recap, including the weekly winners/losers (something I couldn’t type fast enough to catch). Meanwhile, Owen has the first reaction of the panelists.

Extension/revision #3 – Patrick comes through for Sean and Belle, who for various reasons didn’t/couldn’t record Sunday Insight. GBfan has some reaction, and Dean comes through with the list of blogs (list in the comments of Sean’s BBA bleg) – The Xoff Files, Badger Blog Alliance, The American Mind, Fighting Bob, Free Will, Dennis York, Lakeshore Laments, Wigderson Library and Pub, Ann Althouse (I believe the tape called it “Ann Alt house”), Jiblog,, and RealDebateWisconsin

Revisions/extensions #4, take your base – Charlie and Jessica have their takes. Jessica has a second, calling Charlie the Don of Blogs to which Charlie replied, “…(T)his guy sounds kind of scary.”. I think the Joker said it best in “Batman” (the good one with Jack Nicholson), “Wait till they get a load of me.” Elsewhere, Steve at Eminent Domain and the Texas Hold’Em Blogger have some more reaction (Dennis x2), and Jib has a quick reaction or two.

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