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Green ends silence, supports the end of the automatic gas tax increase – update

by @ 3:00 on November 29, 2005. Filed under Miscellaneous.

I’m sure Patrick will have the audio soon, but for those that missed the Green interview on Mark Belling’s show and Owen’s take on this (for shame if you got here without seeing that), Mark Green now officially supports the end of the automatic gas tax increase. Mark did have to pull teeth somewhat, trying to get Green to comment on the specific bill introduced by Tom Reynolds, but he finally did.

Revisions/extensions – will the Journal Sentinel report this, or will they ignore it like they ignored Walker’s call for this repeal as part of his larger transportation funding plan? I’ll take the latter and offer 5-2 odds to those that want to take the other side.

Revisions/extensions #2 – Just like Walker’s call to end the automatic tax increase, Green’s call is met with silence on 4th and State. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that the biggest newspaper in the state would continue to ignore this hot-button issue </sarcasm>

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