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NFL Week 8 – Can I keep rolling?

by @ 10:05 on October 30, 2005. Filed under Miscellaneous.

We’re closing in on the halfway point, and I’m at a money-making 56-44-2. Let’s see if I can continue (the line is the Sunday AM line from Yahoo) –

Minnesota @ Carolina (-7.5) – Stick a one in front of that 7.5.
Green Bay @ Cincinnati (-9) – What’s the over/under on the week Sherman gets fired?
Arizona (+9) @ Dallas – Somehow, the Cowboys’ defense always keeps it close.
Philadelphia @ Denver (-3.5) – I can’t bet against the altitude.
Chicago (+3) @ Detroit – Take the under 32.5 as Duh Bears take sole possession of first and wrap up the division.
Cleveland (+2) @ Houston – How is a winless team favored?
Jacksonville (-3.5) @ St Louis – No Martz = no points.
Buffalo @ New England (-9) – Tedy Bruschi will outscore Buffalo in his return.
Miami vs New Orleans (-2.5) @ Baton Rouge – It will be a happy almost-homecoming for the Saints, not-so-happy for Nick Saban.
Washington @ NY Giants (-2) – Too bad Tony Stewart can’t play quarterback.
Oakland (-1) @ Tennessee – The coin landed tails.
Kansas City (+6) @ San Diego – Just too many points to give.
Tampa Bay (-11) @ San Francisco – Tampa Bay -36 might be a fairer bet.
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-10) – Take Blitzburgh -33; the OldBrowns ain’t scoring.

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